I'm Kerry aka Missy Vintage and like most other people I too find writing 'about me' pages pretty tricky. So I'll try and keep it brief. 

 I've loved fashion from a young age, and I bought my first ever  piece of 'vintage'  as a teenager. It was a mans 1970s  blazer from Oxfam, this was in the days when the question 'did you get that from Oxfam?' was thrown at you as a huge insult.  

This was also in the days where second hand clothing was pretty much just called second hand. I didn't buy that blazer because it was vintage, I bought it, well just because I liked it and no-one else seemed to have one like it. 

So I've never had a problem being a second hand Annie, which  is actually a pretty good thing as some of my favourite clothes as a kid were hand me downs from an older cousin. Including my first bra....

  I started this blog in 2010, I was a couple of years out of a long term relationship, in a call centre job which didn't inspire me and I was pretty broke. My aspirations were to open a vintage online boutique but with no cash to start me off I decided to create the blog in the hope that at some point the rest would follow.

 It didn't. Blogging took me on a different path, over the last five years I've re-deployed my hairdresser training to work as a hairstylist and having fallen in love with eye liner at a very young age (thanks to Just Seventeen magazine!) I'm now a make up artist too. I've taught workshops, given talks and worked on photoshoots both as a team member and as creative director.

Ten years ago, even five years ago if you told me I'd be doing these things I'd have thought you were drunk! And crazy.

In 2013 I joined the Norwich Fashion Week Board as Vintage Show co-ordinator and also joined the NFW social media team. As a child I was obsessed with drawing outfits, and my love of fashion never went away. The home grown creative talent in Norwich never ceases to inspire and amaze me.

In my wardrobe you'll find vintage, high street, and retro repro all living happily next to each other. I've worked my way through most eras but have concluded that I'm a vintage mongrel. I'm definitely a modern girl, who simply loves to add a dash of the past to the present and I have no issues with playing pick and mix with the various decades.

Moving on....

A change of direction beckoned and in 2014 I began a BA (Hons) Photography degree at Norwich University of the Arts. This means I will be 40 when I graduate! Of course this change of life direction does mean that the blog, me and my style is undoubtedly going to change direction too so hopefully you'll stay with me on this new adventure.

Photography/Hair/Makeup by Me
Model Amy Woodman
Thanks for reading! 

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