Music Love Part 2

Just a short but very sweet post today. Recently I was on Facebook and someone shared a video of Pharrell Williams reacting to a song by a music students. (Thanks to John for sharing this) It's been doing the rounds and you may have seen it already but I thought it was worth sharing again because I'm just hypnotised by this song and I'm so inspired by her creativity. 

The entire video is a half an hour long but it's so interesting and inspiring to watch all the students stories and hear their work. There is so much nurturing of creativity in this video. It's just wonderful to watch.

Pharrell's reaction to student Maggie Roger's song went viral (you'll see her at 18:25) and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE her song. I think it might be my track of the summer.

The finished version

Also high five to the teacher. What a bloody nice man he seems! 
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Music Love

There's an array of reasons why I love doing live music photography. So in no particular order some of them are: 

I LOVE watching people. I like to take a few moments to look at who I'm photographing, how they move and how they express themselves physically. I suppose I'm letting they're creativity fill my space so I can work with in it and make the best images I can. 

I love the atmosphere. Gigs vary HUGELY and crowds differ but generally the atmosphere is pretty amazing. People want to have a good time. Some are there to support, some are they to be inspired and some are there to feel that 'something' which I'm not sure you can give a name to but it's that feeling you get when you hear 'something' you like and it makes you feel.... 'something' ... Do you know what I mean? 

I wish I could do what they do. In the next life I will be able to sing and play guitar. I'm in total awe of people who have voices which make me think 'maaaan I wish I could sing like that' I'm also in awe of people who can play guitar. If you can do both of these things at the same time then I'm both full of awe with a big dash of envy.

I have a 'songs I might finish writing one day' notebook. Within those pages could be utter genius or utter rubbish but it doesn't matter because if they are rubbish, who cares? If you want to write, just write. There's plenty of people in the world to stifle your creativity so don't even try and stifle it yourself and never be afraid to let it out even if no-one ever sees it but you.

I went to a gig at Norwich Arts Centre for a gig organised by The Tilting Sky and this is Rhiannon Mair. I had a quick look on her Twitter account before I went and a click on a link through to her website and I KNEW I was going to like her work. 

The beautiful thing about going to small music venues is you can introduce incredible talent to your ears and the ticket prices normally mean doesn't have to be a mega expensive night out before you've even factored in your drinks....

And so in that way that sometimes songs just grab you from the moment you hear them, I'm glad I managed to find this one on YouTube, because before Rhiannon had even finished performing this I knew I wanted to hear it again. For me this song has that 'something' I spoke of...

(song starts at 3:42)

Photography Kerry Curl
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Norwich Fashion Week news

So planning for Norwich Fashion Week (NFW) 2017 has begun. I was a bit tied up during the last few months with working on NFW 2016 and then I had to focus on finishing uni to write too much about it on this blog but I know some of you kept up with Fashion Week news via the NFW website and social media.

You might also have spotted that Norwich Fashion Week has become a Community Interest Company (CIC) which means we're dedicated in continuing to provide a week which celebrates the creative diversity Norwich has to offer from big names, to indie designers and creatives.

Becoming a CIC changes my role slightly as in addition to being a Show Coordinator and working on the social media team I'm now also one of four Directors of the company (Along with Emma Harrowing, Alex Hill and Fiona Muller) My role is Director of Production so I'll be working in how the shows look with show coordinators and I'll be working with new NFW committee member Paul Bayfield who joins us to coordinate photography with shoots and promotion. It's all feeling VERY exciting right now. *JAZZ HANDS*

The team is made up of such an array of industry experience and talent including educators, artists, designers, stylists, photographers, writers, retail experts..... in fact we should probably all sit down and write down every skillset we bring to the table because between us its huge. If you have any notion that a fashion week is style without substance, then in the nicest possible way, I think you're incorrect!

Photography Paul Bayfield

Dates for 2017 will be released soon. It's been such a wonderful experience so far, I can't wait to what to see how next year's shows and events start to develop over the next few months.

Photography Paul Bayfield

You can also follow NFW on Instagram and Twitter if you fancy having a look at what we're up to and feeling inspired by. 
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Graduate Fashion Week 2016

Graduate Fashion Week has been and gone for another year. I took myself off to London for the whole week and am still on a come down from it I think. What a week! 

I was lucky enough to be invited to watch the Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) show but because I knew having watched it last year that I'd really like to watch it via my camera in the photography pit I asked my uni if I could shoot it so I ended with a double hat on as I was there as a VIP for Norwich Fashion Week but I was also there as a student too. Either way I was camera ready and willing to learn. A lot. And I certainly did. 

Some of my images from the NUA show







I'm also feeling pretty refreshed, it's true a change of scenery really is as good as a holiday and just being in a different city, having a different routine even just for a few days does the spirit good. This wasn't a holiday, this was a working week for me but when you love what you're doing it doesn't feel like work. 

I don't say this to sound like one of those positive messages that gets shared on social media (often with swirly fonts and glitter. Often both...) I say it because having spent many years working in environments when most days felt like I was making another step in to hell or at least the city of Yawnsville. As I write this I know I'm lucky and I appreciate that probably more because I've had to do the jobs which I would rather not have to return to. 

But I digress, so a week away and I'm back having seen some amazing creativity which has left me feeling so inspired from walking around the amazing exhibition a few times and shooting some more fashion on the runway it was all pretty wonderful to say the least and I wish the graduates luck with whatever is next for them. 

Some of my images from other shows










I already can't wait for GFW17! 

I tend to share my photography work over on my kerrycurl instagram account so if you fancy seeing more pop on over. 

*Polite request that if you share my images from this post PLEASE credit me as Kerry Curl and link to my Kerry Curl instagram account and/or my website kerrycurl.com Thanks guys! x
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Charlotte Tilbury Mania

Woman of the moment? Certainly the woman responsible for many celebrity faces. Many of you may be familiar but for those who aren't I am referring to Charlotte Tilbury. I realise I may have made her sound like a plastic surgeon in that intro but she is in fact makeup artist to ooodles of celebrities and she's taking the makeup world by storm with her range of cosmetics. 

Like many I'm a sucker for watching makeup videos but what I really like about the tutorials by this amazing lady are that her looks aren't about re-working, re-sculpting and creating trickery to rearrange your face, her looks are about working, enhancing and enjoying the face you have. 

Yes there's often some contouring involved, but it's subtle and designed to gently enhance, not create a face that has 15 layers of products..... 

I think the other part of her success is that she always seems to come across and, well just nice. Niceness is not to be underestimated. Maybe I'm completely sucked in to her marketing machine but she does seem to come across that she really loves women and wants to help them celebrate themselves. 

In a recent interview in Porter the super star of the makeup world talks about her career and her ethos not just behind her brand but what drives her.

 I really like that on her website www.charlottetilbury.com key looks are set out and there's tutorials on each look which means there's nothing stopping you watching the videos and then raiding your own makeup bags to recreate the them

. You might not need to buy any new products...not that this stopped me. I have to confess I treated myself to a few items. I won't do a review as I haven't tried them for long enough yet to give an informed opinion but so far I'm really enjoying the lipgloss and the packaging of the products is beautiful.

I'm really excited that we're going to be getting a Tilbury counter in Jarrolds in Norwich but this won't stop me visiting the flagship store in Covent Garden which looks nothing short of gloriously wonderful....a visit before the end of the year is high up on my goals list!

My Porter magazine subscription is provide to me by magazine.co.uk you can read more posts from myself and other bloggers over on website's Hub 

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