Hello, it's me...........

This does feel like a 'hello from the other side....' 

So I had a slight Withnail and I episode and I appear to have gone on holiday by mistake...

In five years of blogging I've had busy periods where I've had mini breaks but this one turned in to an epic one... I think maybe I needed it, not just because I needed to focus my energies on other things I'm working on but because I was definitely falling out of love with blogging and the whole commercialness of it. So although my step back was accidental in many ways perhaps there was something in my brain that was telling me to go off on other adventures and leave the blog behind at least for a little while. 

So what have I been up to? Well it's been a frenzied few months of trying to be the best mature student I can be - and that means I'm having to really push myself and let the course basically  consume me. Which I'm loving. 

I may be interested in vintage style but that stems from my interest in fashion and personal style. I'm not a 'vintage' photographer. I've been working a lot with fashion and music photography and I'm working on a personal style project which will span beyond 'vintage' in what I consider to be a stereotypical way. 

People's interest in wearing vintage has massively evolved and I find myself wearing it but not fitting in to a box of being vintage - so do I even need to change the name of my persona I ask myself?

I don't use Missy Vintage for my photography work - I use my real name. Missy Vintage is something I do and I feel perhaps I'm growing more in to myself now (it's only taken me 39 years) and so I want my own name put to my photography work, not one of a persona. But then on the other hand maybe that degree of separation is a handy thing to have. Questions, questions, questions...

Some of the images from recent work, I'll write up full blog posts on the shoots ASAP 

I'm tending to use my Missy Vintage instagram account as a more personal one really and I mainly share my photography and photographic musings over on my Kerry Curl account if you want to see my work pop up in your instagram feed give me a follow. 

Norwich Fashion Week has just passed, which probably needs to be a separate post all on it's own so for now I will say what an AMAZING week. I'm so happy I get to work with such a pool of talented people and we recently announced that NFW has become a Community Interest Company . As a board we bring experience from a broad range of areas including (but not just) heritage, education, creative arts and retail and this year was the biggest NFW ever with two of the shows including the vintage one move to a new venue so all the official NFW shows were under one roof in OPEN, which was an incredible building to set up office in for the week. 

 At the end of NFW 2016 I was exhausted but I think it might have been the best kind of exhausted I have ever felt in my entire life!

I'm already looking forward to NFW 2017 and this will also be the year I graduate from uni with my first degree and the year I will turn 40. Exciting times!

The NFW Board
Photo by Andi Sapey

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