The fabulously Fabulous Miss K Part One

Karen aka stylist, vintage seller, writer and blogger Fabulous Miss K is no stranger to my camera and we've worked on many project s and photoshoots together over the last few years. Karen also works on the Vintage Show at Norwich Fashion Week with me and this lady is a queen to have backstage. Rails and rails of clothes and numerous outfit changes do not phase this lady one little bit. 

Karen's own personal wardrobe is pretty extensive and so every now and again we get together have at least three cups of coffee and do a mini portrait session. 

This particular visit I was interested in not just Karen's clothes but how she feels music influences her style.

shirt & skirt - vintage
shoes & socks - Topshop

Karen has worked in the fashion/style industry her whole life. The history of her own wardrobe has included many styles from head to toe era specific to a more eclectic mix. Her look continues to evolve as she takes inspiration from the latest runway collections and explores how to recreate these outfits mainly using vintage pieces. 

Other inspirations include music, with a love for swing and fond memories of the music from the seventies and early eighties. Karen chatted to me about how the end of the Punk era and the start of the New Romantics was an interesting time for her as she followed what the stars were wearing and how they were wearing it.

There's some more street style images from this shoot and we also did a vlog too, so those will be in part two of this post next week. Karen will no doubt be writing this shoot up too so you can follow her over on http://www.fabulousmissk.co.uk/  twitter, facebook & instagram


  1. Thank for a fabulous write up and I loved doing our shoots - many more outfits to shoot next time!!

  2. Oh wow!how bold & wonderful. Love it!


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