St Giles House Hotel Norwich

Earlier this year our boiler broke (again) and it was a crazy week anyway as it was Norwich Fashion Week which is a workout in itself but amongst the madness I had to go and have a daily workout so I could use the showers at the gym. Every cloud I guess...

Once Fashion Week had ended and the boiler still wasn't fixed all I really wanted was a long soak in the bath with book. I was craving a wallow so much and the house was cold too so I decided to treat myself to a night in a hotel. Hot water and warmth, what bliss.

It was also very near to my birthday which also helped me justify it to myself...and as I was home alone this was a hotel booking for one which made it feel like a lavish gift to myself. But within a budget obviously, so I popped on to booking.com in the hope of finding something nice but not expensive...

Up popped St.Giles House Hotel which is right in the heart of the city centre. I've been to this hotel before and knew it was lovely so I was sure a night here would be just the thing I needed and it was indeed. I had such an  extra amazing stay, the room was beautiful and I spent hours in the bath. I took a bottle of fizz with me and had a pamper sesh for one. I left the next day feeling like I was walking on air. So relaxed and refreshed.

The bathroom in my King Room from my March visit. Heavenly.

So when I wanted to surprise my husband on his birthday I booked us in to the hotel for the night as he'd never stayed there himself. The rooms with more decadent and interesting features such as the roll top baths and old furniture are based in the old side of the building.

 My tip is that if you want to stay in this type of room then do ask for a room in the old side (at the time of booking) as the newer side is very different and much more modern. I didn't know this until this visit.

The second time around we were put in what I now know is the newer side, which was perfectly nice but not quite as glorious as the last room I stayed in. When we checked in the receptionist had said that there were two rooms we could choose from, one with and one without air con - so as this was a hot August day I chose the air con. This led to a room in the newer side.

After realising the two sides of the hotel were quite different  I quickly popped back down to the reception to see if there was any chance the other room was still free and could we change. I felt a bit cheeky but the receptionist when we checked in was so unbelievably nice I felt sure that even if the answer was no she would still be lovely about it.

Different receptionist, same fabulousness. Within minutes I was being guided around different rooms with a choice of where we'd like to stay. I think we got lucky because it was a Sunday which might not be it's busiest night of the week, but I was super grateful and the room we ended up in was just incredible.

Packing to leave after breakfast. Sad Face.

You don't have to travel to different counties and countries for a mini break. Even a night away in your own city, town etc can still be a change of scenery. If you are in Norwich or plan to visit then I'd completely recommend this hotel. Can't wait for another excuse to stay here, hopefully I'll get to try out their spa next time. The cocktails here are pretty yum too!



  1. What a splendid idea! I am living with my parents while completing my nurse training and I really miss having a bathtub.

    It's my birthday in December as well......

  2. What a beautiful room. Perfect hotel for a romantic getaway :-)


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