So I’ve reached the end of my second year at uni. It's gone so fast. 
Photograph: Kerry Curl

People keep asking me how I juggle everything; the fact is I don’t feel like I do. My blog has had to go neglected for a little while as I find myself being totally consumed by my photography degree plus all the other things that life throws at you. 

I've given serious thought to stopping blogging as Missy Vintage all together. I'm grateful for the amazing opportunities it's brought me but my life has changed a lot over the last 6 years since starting the blog and sometimes you have to take stock and reassess. So I'm still undecided about what I will end up doing but for now I'll keep writing as and when.

 I think it’s pretty tough going to uni regardless of what age you are. There’s this constant theory being tossed around that the young spend their days in bed and the older students are much more ‘on it’ because we’re older, wiser, more together. I would suggest this is a myth! It's tough whatever age you are. 

When I started uni I thought my days would be filled with lots of sitting around in coffee shops and bars, chatting about art and whilst there has been quite a bit of that – not as much as I thought there would be. Some days I’m mainly on my own, reading, researching and making plans and whilst much of this is carried out online, there is still something about sitting and turning the pages of a printed magazine or a book which just make working feel just that bit more enjoyable. Also, sometimes I just get completely fed up with scrolling through a screen for hours at a time!

For the first part of my second year I was creating a lot of black and white imagery and whilst I was looking beyond photography for my research, there was of course a strong element of looking at other photographers, both historic and contemporary. One title which I found really useful for was Black + White Photography magazine which I've been receiving from magazine.co.uk. It's been a good source of research and has been great company for me when I’ve been out and about on trains getting from A-B to shoot locations. 
Photography:Kerry Curl

Photography:Kerry Curl

I love train rides but the Wi-Fi is often really shockingly bad and so I always try and have a magazine or a book with me so I can still read something even in the result of what Kevin Bacon would refer to as buffer face!

 I quite often stuff a couple of back copies of Black & White Photography mag in a tote bag. Because it's a magazine which is very heavily artist based rather than technique and gear they are easy to keep flicking back through for inspo and to give me ideas for further reading, artists to look up.

I'm well in to the summer break now and whilst I haven't been travelling across the world, London has been home for quite a bit and and The Lake District too. are calling I'd also feel I’d like to revisit Birmingham again soon and also Liverpool.  

Then there’s a plan I’ve had for a long time about just going turning up at the station and getting on the next train to leave which goes to a place I’ve never visited before so I can photograph the unfamiliar. So it looks like my summer is going to involve a lot of reading on trains then, better get filling my tote with reading material...

If you fancy looking at the subscriptions offered by magazine.co.uk head over to the website They do several photography titles so if you are after something more tech or gear based have a browse of what you can sign up for to have delivered straight to your door. 

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