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It's probably a bit weird to feel a bit smitten with a magazine, but I do. I've mentioned Porter before and it's really thanks to magazine.co.uk that I actually ended up reading it cover to cover having interestingly browsed the odd page here and there in hair salons. It's a big glossy mag and at £5 it's a bit of a treat/luxury too and you know what it's like when you treat yourself to a mag and it's just a let down so I think that's why when purchasing a mag in the shop I'd previously stick to my old glossies which I was familiar with and Porter stayed as a mag I must try out one day. 

But having tried and tested out Porter through the subscription service gifted to me by magazine.co.uk I will 100% be renewing it myself when it comes to it. It probably is worth the £5 cover price but a subscription knocks that down considerably (currently 6 issues for £21!)  making it much more budget friendly - which is always going to be a plus isn't it! 

The interviews always seem to be so well written and interesting too, often quite long and several pages allowing you to feel like you're actually finding out things about the person. They seem to get across the person not just the brand that person is. 

The fashion is obviously a big pull for me of course. The Fall issue has landed and already my head is swimming with inspiration. I've taken a lot of time off this summer . I needed to work on my house which we've been living in a year and there's still rooms unfinished, changes in progress, workmen to co-ordinate,

 I've been doing lots of research for the dissertation that I am preparing for and part of that involves spending hours, days and weeks looking through magazines, thinking about theories and seeking inspiration for my own work. 

This means I've been ploughing through A LOT of magazine material and whilst Vogue is still a front runner for me, Porter is easily up there with it. The Fall issue has also got me thinking how I can style clothes and do some  DIY fashion, both my own and in photoshoots.  How can I make the  most of using what I have, to try and create interesting outfits? 

All of these images are from The Fall edition of Porter and all are giving me a kick to get creative and stretch my summer clothes through to the cooler months by layering along with other ideas such as changing laces and adding ribbons to shoes and boots, mixing and matching textures - how stunning do these floaty dresses look teamed with jumpers? 

I'll also be in the lookout for some chiffon and lace tops whilst I'm browsing the charity shops. I'm trying REALLY hard not to buy much /over buy at the moment but I think if I can stay focused on what I'm looking for and not get too distracted I might be okay...

If you're thinking about subscribing to a magazine you might be interested in seeing what others are enjoying so head over to the magazine.co.uk hub area where you can read posts on all sorts of magazines which cover all sorts of areas of interest such as fashion, food, lifestyle and fitness. 

If you're convinced you need to sign up to Porter then you can find more subscription details here 


  1. I've never looked at this one but I'm tempted to try it now. I had wondered if it might just be full of ads so good to know there's actually some content and it's not all style over substance!

  2. My FAVOURITE magazine - I love the features, fashion and everything about it!! Must get my subscription now though!


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