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So planning for Norwich Fashion Week (NFW) 2017 has begun. I was a bit tied up during the last few months with working on NFW 2016 and then I had to focus on finishing uni to write too much about it on this blog but I know some of you kept up with Fashion Week news via the NFW website and social media.

You might also have spotted that Norwich Fashion Week has become a Community Interest Company (CIC) which means we're dedicated in continuing to provide a week which celebrates the creative diversity Norwich has to offer from big names, to indie designers and creatives.

Becoming a CIC changes my role slightly as in addition to being a Show Coordinator and working on the social media team I'm now also one of four Directors of the company (Along with Emma Harrowing, Alex Hill and Fiona Muller) My role is Director of Production so I'll be working in how the shows look with show coordinators and I'll be working with new NFW committee member Paul Bayfield who joins us to coordinate photography with shoots and promotion. It's all feeling VERY exciting right now. *JAZZ HANDS*

The team is made up of such an array of industry experience and talent including educators, artists, designers, stylists, photographers, writers, retail experts..... in fact we should probably all sit down and write down every skillset we bring to the table because between us its huge. If you have any notion that a fashion week is style without substance, then in the nicest possible way, I think you're incorrect!

Photography Paul Bayfield

Dates for 2017 will be released soon. It's been such a wonderful experience so far, I can't wait to what to see how next year's shows and events start to develop over the next few months.

Photography Paul Bayfield

You can also follow NFW on Instagram and Twitter if you fancy having a look at what we're up to and feeling inspired by. 

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  1. Excited - can't wait and such a joy to work with you on the Vintage Show and be part of such a vibrant and stylish week in the city!!


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