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There's an array of reasons why I love doing live music photography. So in no particular order some of them are: 

I LOVE watching people. I like to take a few moments to look at who I'm photographing, how they move and how they express themselves physically. I suppose I'm letting they're creativity fill my space so I can work with in it and make the best images I can. 

I love the atmosphere. Gigs vary HUGELY and crowds differ but generally the atmosphere is pretty amazing. People want to have a good time. Some are there to support, some are they to be inspired and some are there to feel that 'something' which I'm not sure you can give a name to but it's that feeling you get when you hear 'something' you like and it makes you feel.... 'something' ... Do you know what I mean? 

I wish I could do what they do. In the next life I will be able to sing and play guitar. I'm in total awe of people who have voices which make me think 'maaaan I wish I could sing like that' I'm also in awe of people who can play guitar. If you can do both of these things at the same time then I'm both full of awe with a big dash of envy.

I have a 'songs I might finish writing one day' notebook. Within those pages could be utter genius or utter rubbish but it doesn't matter because if they are rubbish, who cares? If you want to write, just write. There's plenty of people in the world to stifle your creativity so don't even try and stifle it yourself and never be afraid to let it out even if no-one ever sees it but you.

I went to a gig at Norwich Arts Centre for a gig organised by The Tilting Sky and this is Rhiannon Mair. I had a quick look on her Twitter account before I went and a click on a link through to her website and I KNEW I was going to like her work. 

The beautiful thing about going to small music venues is you can introduce incredible talent to your ears and the ticket prices normally mean doesn't have to be a mega expensive night out before you've even factored in your drinks....

And so in that way that sometimes songs just grab you from the moment you hear them, I'm glad I managed to find this one on YouTube, because before Rhiannon had even finished performing this I knew I wanted to hear it again. For me this song has that 'something' I spoke of...

(song starts at 3:42)

Photography Kerry Curl

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