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Woman of the moment? Certainly the woman responsible for many celebrity faces. Many of you may be familiar but for those who aren't I am referring to Charlotte Tilbury. I realise I may have made her sound like a plastic surgeon in that intro but she is in fact makeup artist to ooodles of celebrities and she's taking the makeup world by storm with her range of cosmetics. 

Like many I'm a sucker for watching makeup videos but what I really like about the tutorials by this amazing lady are that her looks aren't about re-working, re-sculpting and creating trickery to rearrange your face, her looks are about working, enhancing and enjoying the face you have. 

Yes there's often some contouring involved, but it's subtle and designed to gently enhance, not create a face that has 15 layers of products..... 

I think the other part of her success is that she always seems to come across and, well just nice. Niceness is not to be underestimated. Maybe I'm completely sucked in to her marketing machine but she does seem to come across that she really loves women and wants to help them celebrate themselves. 

In a recent interview in Porter the super star of the makeup world talks about her career and her ethos not just behind her brand but what drives her.

 I really like that on her website www.charlottetilbury.com key looks are set out and there's tutorials on each look which means there's nothing stopping you watching the videos and then raiding your own makeup bags to recreate the them

. You might not need to buy any new products...not that this stopped me. I have to confess I treated myself to a few items. I won't do a review as I haven't tried them for long enough yet to give an informed opinion but so far I'm really enjoying the lipgloss and the packaging of the products is beautiful.

I'm really excited that we're going to be getting a Tilbury counter in Jarrolds in Norwich but this won't stop me visiting the flagship store in Covent Garden which looks nothing short of gloriously wonderful....a visit before the end of the year is high up on my goals list!

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  1. I'm going to have to give Porter a try I think...


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