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I've been asked a few questions following last week's blog post about going to uni to study photography. Mainly about what cameras I work with and some recommendation for things to read.

So I'll start with what I shoot with. These aren't reviews or recommendations, these is simply a list of what I work with.

I shoot with digital and film. I learned on film, well actually I grew up using film because digital wasn't invented then! From what I see from my fellow students there is a huge interest in learning film now. I'm glad to see it's experiencing a new wave of users and if you're on Instagram or Twitter a quick search of #filmsnotdead  #shootfilmstaybroke  #shootfilmstaypoor will bring up thousands of images from film shooters.

I no longer worry that I don't have this camera or that camera. Digital changes so fast now and new cameras are brought out all the time. So I'm pretty relaxed and experimental about what I shoot with.  That said, my main camera is a digital SLR - I use a Nikon D610. My main lens is a Nikon 70-120 which I absolutely love and it serves me well on fashion and gig shoots. My camera before that was a Nikon D3100 which I still have, it's a handy back up and depending on the shoot, it can be handy to work with two cameras. 


Reading - I read/look at all sorts. Books, blogs, websites, digital magazines and I've been working with magazine.co.uk on their Hub area - which means I've have a Magazine subscription to Black and White Photohgraphy mag. This is always an interesting source to look through as you can not only see what other people are shooting but often there will be artist features which are great not just for the inspiration but to make you think about your own work too. 

I'm quite lucky that over the years I've bought loads of photography and art books in charity shops too. I try and browse the book shelves of my local chaz boutiques when ever I can and I look beyond the 'hobby' section and have a mooch through the art section too.

SHOWstudio, Hunger, Dazed and Confused Jute  and Feature Shoot (just to name a few) are always full of interviews, galleries and artists to discover.

In terms of film, I will literally shoot with any rolls of film I can get my hands on including expired stuff on Ebay and film from Poundland. Often my film work looks at the fragility of the film itself, I'm interested in the results achieved from damaging the film and camera wise I will shoot with anything and I mean anything. I've a lot of cameras from charity shops and I love the plastic 80s point and shoot cameras and disposable cameras too. 

35mm film 

 Going to uni has really helped push me away from the feeling that you have to have the best of the best equipment. You don't. It's what you make, not what you make it with. I'm still using a Nikon camera I bought in 2004 and I bought a couple more Nikons on Ebay. So I shoot with quite few different ones. 

I'm playing with Polaroids, I have a couple of cameras I've picked up from Ebay but I wouldn't say I've created anything that's amazed be so far, it's not easy to do the practice make perfect thing work when the film is so expensive... if anyone has tips on shooting with old Polaroid cameras feel free to send them my way. 

I suppose no post would be complete without mentioning phones and tablets, and yep I use those too, not just for social media updates of what's for dinner or in my glass but for my actual photography work too. 

This was on my old phone and I loved the rough, textural quality the camera on the phone gave me. I'm not really about curating the world in perfectly polished way. I've learned that I don't really roll like that.

I shot behind the scenes at The Dipple and Conway Hair Show at Norwich Fashion Week 2016 with my iPad. 

One of my submissions pieces during year two at uni was something I'd taken on my phone and edited on my ipad and I never ever would have thought I'd be doing that when I started uni but we're encouraged to experiment and these are tools I want to use as a creative. I'll never be 100% digital or 100% film - each has qualities I want to harness so I don't feel I need to choose a 'side' to be on really.
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I haven't done a give away for ages, I think I'll get some disposable cameras as prizes and we'll have a couple of winners maybe.... Watch this space! 

I have separate social media accounts for my photography work. You can find me on twitter - @KerryCurl_and instagram - kerrycurl if you fancy saying hello. 

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  1. Ahhh great post! Good to have you back in the blogsphere with your honest and open musings.

  2. Love this and really enjoyed your honesty, can't wait to work with you again on a shoot x

  3. I'm so glad you're blogging about your photography work. I follow it on social media.You have a real talent and the fact that you obviously just work with what ever tool is is in your hand is a real joy to hear and is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

  4. Great post, I like that you're so honest about your photography work, so many people feel very strongly about print or digital or insist that you must have this camera or that film, it is refreshing to hear a balanced and thoughtful perspective. You have such a talent for photography, do you primarily shoot in black and white? I really like the overlay effect of the 35mm film. http://seraphinevintage.com/

    1. Thanks Madison. I tend to shoot both, at the moment my fashion work tends to more often be colour and my music work black and white but I'm not fixed in a set path on either of those choices :)


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