Eighties Style

Eighties style, good or bad?

Fashion is a just a cycle and new styles and designs are often based on those that have gone before them in some shape or form. Many decades remain highly influential, 'the seventies is back’ seems to be declared in fashion headlines twice a year, every year. Has the seventies ever gone away long enough to allow it to even make a comeback I wonder? 

One decade that perhaps hasn’t had its full revival, rework is perhaps the eighties. However is this about to change?

magazine.co.uk have gifted me with a subscription to Vogue so I can share what's inspiring me from the mag with their readers over on The Hub.  I mentioned in a recent post about how the September issue of Vogue had a INCREDIBLE 80s fashion editorial which was shot by Alasdair McLellan and styled by Kate Phelan which was full on eighties style. 

I used to wear huge earrings in the 80s and 90s. HUGE. I have vivid memories of wearing a massive pair shaped like huge shields to school and having to take them out when the deputy head (a terrifying lady) spotted them from a distance of at least 30 feet! Oh how I wish I'd kept them all, I had such a collection and would change them at least once a day. 

But it's a good excuse to go shopping

eighties inspired handmade earrings £55 plus shipping. Etsy shop Lou Taylor Studio. You have GOT to see more of this designers work - it's incredible! 
£20.25 plus postage - Etsy shop Hippie Gypsy Boutique 
If you feel glitz and sparkle is only for Christmas then vintage eighties foil prints and Dynasty worthy glamour could be your friend! 

Vintage shops will be bringing out all their party outfits now and so will the charity shops so there's a lot of choice about right now of you fancy looking beyond the highstreet or want to do some mixing and matching. A vintage sequinned top with your Topshop jeans maybe? 

Prim Vintage (size 10) £45 
So maybe the mismatched neon towelling socks and the meringue like, oh so voluminous rah-rah skirts won't make it back in to my wardrobe...I've just realised I basically described my favourite outfit in middle school when I wrote that outfit combo. What a shame no pictures exist! Nor of my permed hair and train track braces. if you're thinking 'sounds like Ugly Betty' you'd be right!

TV and Film can be be a great source of fashion and style inspiration, the eighties opened our eyes to American teen culture (well certainly my eyes) with the visual feast that is Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club and there are a couple of gorgeous frocks not to mention some amazing hair action in Weird Science (1985)

 The first time I saw this film I was totally smitten with Kelly Lebrock. I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life (a thought shared with many boys at that time too I'm sure) 

Yes. I still love her and I've just realised it's 30 years since this film was released. 30 YEARS!!!

I've also written a post for the magazine.co.uk Hub about the 80s influence in Vogue and I'll link you up once that's live but in the mean time if you're not searching Ebay for a VHS player to relive those 80s teen movies at their very best then you could pop over to The Hub and read how I'm using magazine photoshoots as wallpaper

and if you haven't seen it already my thoughts on socks and sandals. 

Sorry I'm going to have to say it again.... 30 years???!!!

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When you don't know what to write

Today's post was going to be about fashion but after the terrible events which happened in Paris and also in other parts of the world last week I feel that is a post for another day.
Today I met with a friend from my school days and we chatted, laughed over old memories, drank coffee al fresco and visited some art galleries in Norwich. After we said goodbye I decided to just keep strolling about, taking the rest of the day off to enjoy the city and watch the world go by. I've walked miles, long walks for me are like medicine for the heart and the head.

I took a few pics which can find over on instagram but the image I'll add to this post is one which was shared by the Tate instagram account over the weekend.

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Hello November

So another month arrives and like everyone, I'm just left wondering where on earth this year is going. Actually where is my life going?! Deep huh? Time is going worryingly fast.....
I was planning to do an 'October on Instagram' look back post at the start of the week just gone, but before I knew it the week had vanished and now here we are in to the second week of November so I thought I'd do a look back at the week instead. 

It's been a busy old week indeed. I visited Great Yarmouth. I love the coast and we're so lucky that Norwich is close to lots of varying seaside resorts. Yarmouth is just a 30 minute train ride away and although it's not up there with my favourite seaside places it was perfect for some shots for a project I'm working on.

photography by me

It's a very tired resort but I've had many lovely visits over the years. I always think seaside towns have two personalities, the out of season one for Yarmouth is perhaps more earthy and gritty than some of Norfolk's other offerings. 

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may also have spotted that the Norwich Fashion Week team have a new group portrait thanks to the super talented Andi Sapey.  I think I changed outfits about 5 times before settling on the first plan, which was a pair of Topshop dungarees, a polo neck and socks and sandals for a kind of relaxed seventies vibe. We're going to be sharing more on each board member as we count down to the next Norwich Fashion Week in March so watch this space. 

I've spent a lot of time this week trying to get my head down and throwing myself in to uni work and all the other stuff I need to get done. This means I've been doing a lot of sticking my head phones in my ears and going in to what I refer to as 'the zone'. Now my husband has been encouraging me to appreciate the music of Scott Walker for the last seven years and this week for some reason decided to give him another go (Scott not my husband) and I actually found myself enjoying it so perhaps it was just a timing thing and I needed to just be in right place to give in to Scott's deep rich tones....

Although this tune has also been on repeat a lot - it's a very good soundtrack when you're running from A to B in a super hurry! 

This week Dotcomgiftshop kindly listed Missy Vintage in their top 14 vintage blogs - it's a great line up of bloggers so it's lovely of them to include me in it! 

My blog also ended up in a top 50 fashion UK blogs on rebateszone.com and the week that's just passed also saw Dr Martens have very kindly make me part of their blogger programme which is both wonderful and dangerous...I'm hardly out of DM's or converse these days. The Flora boots which I wrote about here have been great for the rainy days we've had this week and I'm lusting after all the DM tartan scarves so I might ask Father Christmas for one...

The Vintage Show plans for Norwich Fashion Week are well under way and a few days ago I had a meeting with Stylist Karen James Welton to begin a plan of action for the shows promo photoshoot which we'll be shooting next month.... but I won't be able to reveal too much until the images are released in Feb 2016! Exciting things are being planned though I promise!

Because I'm so rock and roll I'll be spending the final hours of Sunday drinking hot chocolate and reading Vogue in an attempt to end the week with a little relaxation time. Good luck with the week ahead everyone! 
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Halloween: The Murderous Mime Artist

So Halloween seems to be getting bigger and bigger as each year passes. I have to hold my hands up and say I'm not really one for doing fancy dress. It's more laziness than party pooperness (a new day a new word invention...) but this year I had to do something so when someone said to me recently I looked like a mime artist in my dungarees and striped top I decided that this was a sign for my Halloween outfit and as it's already in my wardrobe I wouldn't need to go out hunting for items (the perfect lazy girls take on fancy dress)

There definitely seems to be some witchcraft in the air in the last week, from cameras not working as they should to tea flying over on to my laptop it's been one of those weeks so I was very much ready for some blood red alcoholic beverages!

But at least I had my Halloween outfit sorted and it was perfect timing to be asked by Dr Martens to pop in and choose something I could use as part of a Halloween outfit and so after a long browse .....

These are Floras and I was really tempted to get a pair of these in black. I have the cherry red and they are just the most comfiest boots I've ever owned.  

The Hogarth collaboration is really just a work of beauty. Don't think that just because it's art on footwear that the detail in the painting is diluted. They really are incredible and I'd urge you to pop in to a store and actually see these in real life.  

I decided to go for the Emmaline boot in black which is from the same range as the Flora boot. They are that little bit daintier than a more traditional style DM and I feel they have a 90s ankle boot feel.  
I think these will work really well with skirts and dresses too.     

However the first outfit to wear these with was all about the dungarees 

I'd like to point out those are my mime artist eyebrows and not a new eyebrow look to be sported on a daily basis! I did post a pic on instagram of me attempting to look mime artist like but really, despite my gsce in drama it really wasn't my finest moment and it looks more like a Kate Bush move than a mime. But I tried..


A video posted by Kerry (@missyvintage) on

After strolling through the leaves (it just has to be done) we spent the evening devouring red wine and spag bol. So that's it. October is done. Halloween is over for another year so bring on the fireworks!


Check out the hashtag #DRMARTENSSTYLE on instagram and Twitter to see how other DM fans are wearing theirs. 

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