So Long March

Well  once again I find myself saying 'sorry the blogs been quiet guys!' but with uni and Norwich Fashion Week something had to give so I took a bit of time off from the blog but I do have so so so much to update you with - so thanks for bearing with me as I try and decide how to get some kind of work/life/uni schedule happening.........

I was going to write up all the Norwich Fashion Week shenanigans but as I found myself turning the calender over this morning I thought an instagram/photo/ramble March round up might be good and I'll fill you in on all other stuff that's been going on soon. I PROMISE!!

So how was March for you? For me it saw not just Norwich Fashion Week, but uni results and a birthday. March was the month I photographed my ironing board (for some uni work!) drank lots of booze (even more than usual) made some new friends and had some more hair and makeup work and writing published. There was also illness which made me loose my voice and a trip to the salon where I accidentally had a Frenchie moment a came out a Pink Lady.........

A few days in London, breakfast in a nightclub in Billericay, the inspiration for a new tattoo (so that's now three on the wish list - I just need the cash to do it!) I'll give you an update on uni life and some course work I've been working on in another post - but you'll spot a few in this post.... Good luck for April everyone!

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