Don't leave me hangin' on the telephone

I love a vintage inspired home accessory so when PMC Telecom got in touch to see if I'd like to try out one of their vintage/retro style telephones and as soon as I saw the website it was clear that choosing just one was not going to be an easy decision. If you follow me on Instagram you'll have already seen the phone I eventually managed to decide on.......

This 1970s model is also available in red, powder blue and purple. In real life you can see the orange is much brighter so it adds a real pop of colour to the room.


A phone is a tricky thing to review because it is well, a phone........ and let's be honest how many of us even use our land line much these days? BUT for me the main attraction of having a phone that's a replica of an older model is that it's an easy way to add some interest to your home decor - even if you never use it and it's just positioned on a table where it's unplugged and for decoration only.

This website is going to offer you some interesting models from various decades to add a retro touch your home without breaking the bank and if you do want a retro model that is fully functioning then this is win win situation!

Other models that caught me eye



If I had the space I'd seriously be considering buying a few of this design to display in a row like a retro telephone art installation. One day this will happen!


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Valentine Love with #intuloves

Frankly everyday of the year should be full of love as far as I'm concerned but if there's a day when there's the perfect excuse to feel romantic then it is of course Valentines Day. Now the warm glow of love can be found in many ways, tea in the morning, a nice walk etc and if you don't have a love of your life then take the excuse to indulge in those yummy chocolates and booze offers without having to share them!

What will I do doing Saturday? Drinking wine by the light of my Lava lamp I expect...... same as most Saturdays (I'm not complaining, it's a happy routine!) 

Something I did do recently which was different though was a bit of a shopping trip. Why is that different I here you ask? Well...... the lovely folk at intu Chapelfield in Norwich sent me a £50 gift card with the challenge to go shopping with Valentine's in mind - stay with me here I'm getting to the actual different part.....

I woke up Tuesday morning to find my phone had what I can only describe as the screen of death. For someone like me who runs their life with their phone in their hand this is a nightmare. Especially as I'm in the midst of show plans for Norwich Fashion Week and my days are non stop calls, emails, tweets etc etc. 

So en route to the shopping centre to take up my challenge I popped in to the phone shop but the news wasn't good .....so for the first time in I don't know how long I found myself browsing shops and not tweeting or posting pics to instagram and as I strolled round having round the various stores, the realisation that I was out and about 'just' shopping and not working on the go was AMAZING! I feel that I had a massive life lesson that day and even though I was shopping on my own I just had such a lovely time just pottering around the shops with no phone to distract me. 

So what did I buy? Well first stop was Hotel Chocolat, I'm more of a savoury girl but everything in there is so pretty and I pondered buying some bath products but as I browsed I stumbled on gin (there will be people reading this getting flash backs of actual stumble on gin incidents I've had.....) 

How did I not know Hotel Chocolat do gin? Did you know this? Am I the only person not to know this? 

I also bought this heart shaped chocolate lolly for a purse friendly gift at only £2.50 but I'm not going to lie - I was more excited about the gin. Is that wrong?

Next up was House of Fraser. I do find these one stop shops quite seductive - maybe I'm just a bit lazy. I especially love the home department and was a bit spoilt here really as they have loads of offers on and I really wrestled with myself not to buy a gorgeous Biba mug because we already have a million mugs so my sensible voice in my head won. For now....

I decided to go for the thrifty option of scented candles which were £15 each but buy one get one free! I love scented candles and with a uni deadline looming amongst all the other things in my diary at the moment I though candle lit baths might be just what I need. With that gin. 

With about £20 left I thought I'd wonder over to the shoe department, and if I'm being honest I didn't think I'd get a pair of shoes in there for £20.


Not only did I get a pair of shoes, I got animal print shoes. I got animal print shoes reduced to £19!

Now this is where the budget got blown a bit because I also bought  another pair of shoes in the sale........ but they were £27 reduced from £70 and perhaps unlike the animal print ones they are a good 'go to' little black court shoe for dashing about in.

I haven't had a chance to wear either of these yet so outfit posts to follow. The last two days I've pretty much shut myself away in a room to edit recent shoots so no amazing outfits to show you (not on me anyway) 

I have though had a treat of some of that gin and it's gone down well no surprise there really!) I can't even show you a picture of me drinking that because after deciding today that I really shouldn't work all day in my pj's I managed to then spill soup down my jeans and have spent the evening sipping gin and doing uni work in my tshirt and pants! That dear readers is why I have no outfit post for you. I'm sorry to burst the glamour bubble..... but I do have winged eyeliner on so it's not a total glamour fail, yes? 

But have a lovely Saturday what ever you're up to and if you like to stalk a hashtag (that's not just me right?) head over to twitter and see what's happening with the #intuloves one. 

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January on Instagram

The fact we're now well in to Feb and I'm only just organising this post says everything about 2015 so far.The days are whizzing by and I need more hours in the day!

The new year is off to a VERY busy start and my days are filled with uni life, I haven't even blogged about this yet and I will come back to it properly in another post but in short I started a BA in photography in September and I'm on a crazy mission to balance study and life right now.... 

Norwich Fashion Week Show plans are also well under way and you can see more news about the week here, you can see more specific news about the Vintage Show here - it's 8th March would be great to see some of you there! Will blog more details asap.

So until I'm back with you properly later in the week here's a look at my January on Instagram....

I hope February is treating you all well!
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