The Weekend

So it's Tuesday and this is the post I was supposed to write up yesterday. Sometimes I feel consumed by the fact that since starting uni I have become a terrible blogger, not terrible perhaps but guilty of going AWOL. Then I have to remind myself that there are 'no rules' to blogging. Each blog (should be) a unique space - that's why I began blogging 5 years ago but like anything that becomes mass produced or main stream it transforms and blogging in my opinion has become less about sharing and embracing individuality and can sometimes feel somewhat cookie-cutter in the sense that if you don't blog x amount of times a week, or you don't wear xyz or go shopping and call it a haul then are you a 'real blogger'? 

The truth is of course I have changed so much in the last five years, uni has 100% enriched my love for art - the underlying reason for me to go to uni was to develop as an artist. If I'd been using a paint brush for years instead of a camera I may well have decided to pursue fine art with that medium. 

I've been working on lots of new work and spent the weekend (amongst other things) pondering how this fits in to the Missy Vintage side of things only to conclude that of course it does because it is me, this is my blog, my little space to use a diary to record not everything that happens in life but to curate this little part of the internet in my own way. 

So before this post becomes all deep and meaningful here's a little bit of what I got up to this weekend when not drinking wine and feeling curious about what the next 5 years with bring....

Saturday started out with plans to sort out Christmas Gifts, we got as far as Clutter City, a local craft fair which is packed with lots of creative wares followed by Jane Richards (an AMAZING interior design store in Norwich) purchased a few bits for the new house and also a a Nov & Dec Copy of The Norwich Resident magazine then we went to the pub! So not the most successful shopping adventure! ummmmmm..... 

One dinner later we were at a gig to watch No Holy Men. Only their second gig but so good! Keep an eye on their FB page. I photographed their debut gig and have realised that I still haven't posted about it sol here's a belated pic! 

No Holy Men - The debut gig
and here's us after Saturdays gig in the bar. Note how I am almost pouring beer over Alex. I'm just so cool.......... fortunately I know Alex and I also know that she would have been very understanding. The basic rule me is that if you are near me and I spill a drink on you, please be understanding, I have the clumsy gene......

photo courtesy of Alex via Ant (taking the picture) - I think....
And so Sunday got off to a slow start.........
Clashing it up just because you can. Who said leopard print & cowboys boots don't together? The boots are from Ebay and the coat is Biba at House of Fraser

We bought a Christmas tree. This is the first Christmas tree I've had in about 6 years. Christmas is an odd time of year for me and so getting a tree up is a big part of moving forward. I haven't had a real tree for absolutely years. I'm sure shops which sell them and have cameras in the car parks must have so much comedy footage as people load the tree in! 

Of course no tree for several years also meant not baubles so we had to stock up on those. The charity shops have lots at the moment and I'm on the lookout for a barbie who will then be strapped to the top. Much better than a star. 

Despite the fact we were all loaded up and my seat was as far forward as it could possible go, we made a spontaneous decision to hit the coast instead of going home so we hit the road and went to Sheringham for some fish and chips (of which there are no pictures of because we ate the evidence before even putting it on instagram. I know right? We're crazy kids)

But I did instagram a rainy night picture from Sheringham. Hopefully we'll go back a gain over Christmas for more fish and chips and a long walk on the beach (of course!)

So that was the weekend and the good news is it's now only 3 more days until the next one. Hurrah.


  1. I like your honesty I have to say. I've read your blog for years and find your reflective style of writing a slight anti christ to the mass consumerism type blogs. It's much more personal that 'today I wore this' on repeat. Jane

  2. It's good that you question blogging. It's absolutely changed over the years and there's so many that just write about what they wore and what they've been buying. It's interesting up to a point but there's a a self indulgence in quite a few and that includes some who I've read for a while who I used to go to for more than just a stream of out fit of the day posts. You're allowed to go AWOL if it means you continue to write considered posts like this! ;)

  3. You can spill beer on me anytime! I more than understand Alex x

  4. You can (nearly) spill beer on me anytime...you are right I more than understand! x


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