Hello Sunday

I'm sorry the blog's been a bit quite the last week or so. It's not because I haven't been up to much, in fact it's the total opposite! 

There's been several photoshoots, uni work and a few adventures in between and I've made a long list to blog about these things. 

I hope you have a restful Sunday and this is really just a quick post to share a documentary on Studio 54 I watched recently.

 I'm really loving seventies style at the moment and Studio 54 despite its short existence (77-81) has iconic status - of course for more than the fashion and style but it's notoriety and hedonistic outrageousness makes this documentary an interesting watch.


***WARNING this does video does contain references to sex which at at times quite graphic so be aware!***


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  1. Brilliant, I love stuff like this! Thanks - Petra


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