Halloween: The Murderous Mime Artist

So Halloween seems to be getting bigger and bigger as each year passes. I have to hold my hands up and say I'm not really one for doing fancy dress. It's more laziness than party pooperness (a new day a new word invention...) but this year I had to do something so when someone said to me recently I looked like a mime artist in my dungarees and striped top I decided that this was a sign for my Halloween outfit and as it's already in my wardrobe I wouldn't need to go out hunting for items (the perfect lazy girls take on fancy dress)

There definitely seems to be some witchcraft in the air in the last week, from cameras not working as they should to tea flying over on to my laptop it's been one of those weeks so I was very much ready for some blood red alcoholic beverages!

But at least I had my Halloween outfit sorted and it was perfect timing to be asked by Dr Martens to pop in and choose something I could use as part of a Halloween outfit and so after a long browse .....

These are Floras and I was really tempted to get a pair of these in black. I have the cherry red and they are just the most comfiest boots I've ever owned.  

The Hogarth collaboration is really just a work of beauty. Don't think that just because it's art on footwear that the detail in the painting is diluted. They really are incredible and I'd urge you to pop in to a store and actually see these in real life.  

I decided to go for the Emmaline boot in black which is from the same range as the Flora boot. They are that little bit daintier than a more traditional style DM and I feel they have a 90s ankle boot feel.  
I think these will work really well with skirts and dresses too.     

However the first outfit to wear these with was all about the dungarees 

I'd like to point out those are my mime artist eyebrows and not a new eyebrow look to be sported on a daily basis! I did post a pic on instagram of me attempting to look mime artist like but really, despite my gsce in drama it really wasn't my finest moment and it looks more like a Kate Bush move than a mime. But I tried..


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After strolling through the leaves (it just has to be done) we spent the evening devouring red wine and spag bol. So that's it. October is done. Halloween is over for another year so bring on the fireworks!


Check out the hashtag #DRMARTENSSTYLE on instagram and Twitter to see how other DM fans are wearing theirs. 


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  1. These are great, I always think of DMs as being quite chunky and something I like but wouldn't wear. These look perfect though. Will pop in for a look next time I walk past


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