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I know, I know two post in as many days. This is very good for me lately what with uni being back in full swing and plans for Norwich Fashion Week 2016 revving up plus all the other things that seem to eat up my time. So much to blog about... basically what I need do is take you ALL to the pub for twelve hours and just chat through everything that's been happening.

But until the day we can find a way to make that happen I will try try try my best to get you all up to speed guys. I know some of you began following because you loved the forties/fifties style I was rocking when I started the blog a few years ago and I've had a few questions asking me if I'm 'still vintage' the answer is yes but it's evolved to be much more eclectic rather than era specific and I have a post I'm working on where I discuss that gradual change of style.

 But in the mean time.....Huffington Post got in touch asking if I'd like to contribute to an article they were working on about shopping for vintage, So pop over and read my thoughts, along with two other bloggers Betty Pamper and Sheri Pavlovic  on vintage style and buying tips.

In the picture I'm wearing what I refer to as my 'Bear coat' fear not it is faux fur, each to their own and I don't preach but I choose to only wear faux fur vintage or otherwise. I picked this 70s number up in a charity shop for £20 and it's the most deliciously oversized coat. It's like being enveloped by a huge teddy bear. I adore it. More than my slightly serious face lets on.....
What do you think, any tips to add? 


  1. I commend you for choosing to go faux fur! It is a darling coat and suits you well. :)

  2. great tips there, thanks for sharing - Ang


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