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I can remember getting magazines like Smash Hits and Just Seventeen delivered by the paper boy. There was always something really exciting about knowing the next issue was out that day and would  hopefully be delivered by the time you got home from school....We were very slow cyclists due to chatting...my husband has said he would watch us and wonder why we even bothered with bikes when we could probably walk faster. I don't remember him commenting on this at the time but feel sure he would have. This is possibly why we didn't start going out until our thirties....

Flash forward to being a 'grown up' and I've had several subscriptions to various magazines over the years, mainly covering photography and fashion (surprise!) I wrote a while a go about magazine.co.uk inviting me to join their blogger team and so got the chance to pick some magazine subscriptions courtesy of them.

So I'm now three issues in to Vogue and actually asking myself the question 'okay so what about this magazine grabbed me, didn't grab me?' has been a really useful exercise and I have to say that I still think Vogue is one of the best glossy magazines for fashion. 

Would I like slightly more written content? Yes possibly but maybe there are other magazines for that and lets face it there are so many titles to choose from it's sometimes hard to pick which is why at least a subscription service allows you to get the magazines you want at a lower cost so you can either save money on your favourite magazine or maximise your budget to get more magazine titles for your money. 

From the August edition I was inspired by a Mario Testino photoshoot with Lara Stone to chat about why I think socks and sandals is good look which you can read over on The Hub

I've also been looking at eighties style and how it seems set for a revival and if Septembers Vogue was anything to go by they think so to. There was an incredible photoshoot which looked like stills from Human League's Don't You Want Me

I'll link you up once my blog post is up over on The Hub but here's an extract of what's to come!

Before you recoil in horror, let us consider that the eighties actually gave us some very influential style icons. I hear so many people dismiss the eighties as the decade style forgot but we shouldn't be blinded by the dazzle of the foil prints, the mismatched neon towelling socks and the meringue like, oh so voluminous rah-rah skirts. Think beyond the costume like shoulder pads which power walked their way through the palatial homes of Dynasty and remember that this was a decade of many looks.

There are numerous women of the eighties who I believe helped make this era much more eclectic than you might at first think. Debbie Harry is the epitome of effortless cool, with her messy blonde hair and biker jacket, her colour blocking and that too cool for school attitude means her style is still incredibly current. Then there’s Chrissie Hynde and Madonna just to name a few. To this day I still wish I owned a jacket like the one Madonna wore in Desperately Seeking Susan

And finally a recent house move had me eyeing up a huge pile of glossy mags taking up bookcase space whilst deciding if they go into the 'keep' or the 'charity shop' pile and I decided that there were sooo many articles and photoshoots that I actually did want to keep I've begun decorating the down stairs loo walls with torn out pages. 

What magazines are you loving right now?

If you're interested in browsing the subscriptions magazine.co.uk have then pop on over for a visit. 

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