Inspiring Women - Meet Baddie Winkle

Now you might be aware of this great grandmother Baddie Winkle, who is known for flamboyant outfits and her millions of followers on social media but actually whether you are familiar or not you need to watch this video, and then you might want to watch it again and bookmark it for those days when you just need to smile.

A screenshot of Baddiewinkle's awe inspiring instagram count. Visit her account here 
A video just popped up on my Facebook feed (thanks my fellow uni student Mollie for sharing) and frankly I'm not having a great day, the house is in chaos and some pretty poor communication from a company I'm waiting for materials from for the new house aren't going to be delivered today at all which has really annoyed me.  My inbox after my holiday break is at bursting point so I really could do without the day being wasted trying to deal with companies who don't deliver (literally) and I think I'm also having a dose of the post hol blues. 

So I decided to just take ten minutes out and see what was happening in Facebook Land where surely there would be swimming puppies or cats in various states of dressing up attire to look at. I then saw this video by  Refinery29 and what a reminder to be happy for the life I lead and the people who I meet or maybe will never meet but who will enrich it in some form or another. It's just less than five minutes long, but it's jam packed with thoughts, life, wise words, fashion and a general love for life. Which seems to sum up Baddie Winkle's approach to life.


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