Photoshoot Fun - A Sneaky peek


So August has been another crazy month. I find myself always saying that 'next month will be a bit calmer' and here I am at the end of August thinking 'well this has been a mad month'.

However, it's been good mad not bad. I've moved house which has made me have a bit of a life laundry possession wise - and yet before writing this I have just closed a door on a bedroom which has become a dumping ground for boxes yet to be unpacked because I just can't deal with how much 'stuff' I still have.....

When I moved out of home at 16 I had about a small suitcase of clothes and a few other bits and pieces, now 22 years on I seem to have a a million times that - and that's AFTER taking at least 3 car loads to the charity shop and giving a box of cloths and fabric to a local sewing group!

I've taken some time off over the summer to do the new house up which has had me delving in to the world of interior design, which I've really enjoyed, it's been like an amazing full time job and I've discovered some brilliant brands and businesses small and large which I'll share with you in housey type post at some point.

In the mean time I thought I'd share with you some sneaky peeks at a shoot I did with model Amy Woodman last week - these are straight off the back of the camera and I'll share some final edits soon. 

I've been working with 35mm film a lot recently but I'm not planning on giving up digital and this shoot with Amy was a solely digital, but I do have plans to work these images with analogue as well as digitally, so I'm in for hours and hours and hours of fun...will those boxes EVER get unpacked I wonder...

And over on Amy's  (@legslikesyou) account she's posted these ones 

More images coming soon! 


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