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Well today is the last day of my time off from 'work' as I mentioned in the last post I've taken several weeks off this summer to move house and take some time out but I squeezed in a photoshoot with model Amy Woodman. 

So as I sit here enjoying the final few hours of my break I thought I'd share a few more images from this shoot. The top Amy is wearing in the first image was a 80s/90s Jaeger bargain from a charity shop - which I think proves that vintage doesn't have to be twee and can be very on trend if that's the look your after. 

Photography/hair/mua - me
Gorgeousness - Amy Woodman

Despite the fact we took the above pictures on my bed, I didn't want these to feel boudoir. I'm not sure exactly where my direction in photographic style is going, but I know that I'm drawn to experimentation and a sprinkle of edge and I'm really excited with the images we made.

I decided that Amy looked so amazing in this top that she should have it. Like me, she has quite an eclectic fashion sense so I'm hoping she'll share some pictures of how she goes in to style this. Actually, Maybe I'll convince her to start her own blog..... 

In the second image Amy is wearing a £5 (yes £5!) dress I bought from Jane Norman a while ago. It's fantastically 70s/90s in style in that brilliant way that eras often lend themselves to each other.

I'll share more images from this shoot and another soon but in the mean time you can follow my photography account on instagram and twitter for more sneak peeks. Amy is a very busy model who is great at sharing her adventures and behind the scenes too so pop over and see her instagram/twitter account to see how this lovely chameleon transforms.


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