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Well July has once again been a busy month despite the fact I've actually been off on holiday (off 'work' rather than resting on an exotic sunny beach sadly!) I seem to have a huge back log of posts including completing my first year at uni, being the oldest 'fresher' on my course, the exhibition that followed and lots of other photography adventures and MANY thrifty fashion finds. More on these things coming soon!

Some of my uni work 
Model Amy Woodman

But to start off with some reading material to entertain you other than what I've been up to, I'd like to introduce you to a magazine subscription website which also has it's own blog - or the Hub as they like to call it where you can find bloggers like me writing about all sorts of  things that are inspiring them in their favourite magazines.

magazines.co.uk offer subscriptions on all sorts of topics and if like me you love a good magazine but like to get value for money, a subscription through this company can save you some serious money! More news on my joining the Hub to follow but in the mean time if you fancy taking a look at the Hub and reading blogger reviews, articles inspired by magazine features and lots more then pop on over and have a read.

More news on my joining The Hub to follow!


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