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It's July, it's raining. Hello British summer!

I'm not at all surprised it's raining because the gorgeous shoes I'm about to show you seem to invite rain! When Babycham sent me these shoes I was so excited........

The Uma Hawaiian  £50

Blue is my favourite colour, they have an Hawaiian type print, the heel is a friendly height - practical whilst still pretty and I can walk at high speed in them (this has been tested!) and they have a bow....what else? They're peep toes, I love peep toes so much.

What I hadn't planned on was that every event/occasion I had the chance to put them on with a dress and take them out it would rain. Heavily. So my first piece of advice is this : If you intend to hold an outside event - do not invite me. I swear I'm some kind of rain jinx.

So these haven't been shoes I've ended up wearing in the way I thought I would and they have in fact become glam little run arounds. The low heel has made these just as comfy as ballet pumps and I've been dashing around the city going from A to B but feeling a little more dressy simply because of that heel. 

At first I was carrying my ballet pumps in my bag assuming these would obviously get uncomfy at some point - but they haven't at all- and my FitBit informed me I'd walked almost 8 miles in a day in these and that was before I put my trainers on to run a couple of miles!

The RRP is £50 but if you look online you can pick these up a few pounds cheaper. There's a handy little store finder and online stockist list on the Babycham website which you can see here but it isn't comprehensive as a quick google brought up several other stockists including

Debenhams (update! this store currently has the shoes I'm wearing reduced to £25!)

For a shoe you can wear day through to night, with dresses, jeans, dungarees etc this is a very versatile little shoe which you can actually enjoy getting a lot of wear out of - so they're pretty good value for money and because they are such a great little design and gloriously comfy, I'm actually going to buy a pair in the same style but different colour. 

Another gorgeous style is the Kimberly design
£55 from Amazon

I'm really impressed with the designs available from this brand. They have some fantastic prints, pattern clashes and shoe shapes which are as much of a visual feast as other popular quirky shoe brands but with the bonus of a lower price range. 

I'm getting asked a lot recently if I'm still vintage, if you've read the blog for a while or since the beginning in 2010 it's clear my style has really evolved. I'm no longer fixated on a few set eras, I've become much more eclectic and I think my style has much more of my personality in it.

In 2010 I was a couple of years out of a 15 year relationship which spanned the ages of 16-31 so really the last few years since that has been my chance to try new things, new styles, make an attempt to workout who I am and what I want to be when I grow up.

So the answer is yes, I am still vintage but I'm vintage in my own way which means my vintage style can be rather......eclectic which is why I'm just as happy teaming up shoes like this with a pair of jeans as I am a pretty dress! 

What's your vintage style?


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  1. I like the print and style a lot, but I'm not so crazy about the blue color. If it was a neon blue I'd be all over those shoes lol.
    You wore them well in your photo. Everything blended together quite nicely.
    New blog follower!



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