Time Machine Tees - A New Fashion Label

Image :Time Machine Tees

Well todays post was going to be a shout out for a Kickstarter Campaign. Graphic Designer Alicia Mundy aims to launch her own T-Shirt label featuring photographs from the 19th & 20th century which have been given Alicia's own twist to bring them to a new audience BUT having just checked now the campaign is in its last day, I'm pleased to see that she has hit her target! 

So a huge well done and congratulations to Alicia! 

If you like the look of these designs you can follow the brand as it grows on Facebook and if you love them so much you want to get involved in the Kickstarter campaign then even though the target is hit you can still back it in these last few hours! Visit the campaign 

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  1. these look great. what a clever idea. Good luck to the designer! Jane


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