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My self imposed mini bloggings break is over. If you follow me over on social media such as Instagram or Twitter, you'll know that I haven't been on a break due to travels to exotic shores but I have in fact just completed   survived my first year as a 'mature' (allegedly...) student on a BA (Hons) photography degree at Norwich University of the Arts and so I needed to take some time out to throw everything at getting the final part of the year completed. 

It's been a big life change as you can imagine but it has also been a truly brilliant year and like many students adjusting to their first year at uni I've parted with my fair share of blood, sweat and even tears but I'm so pleased to have made it through the year and to report back that I survived!

Despite the fact I have what feels like a million things to update you on and blog about, it seems only apt that I'm back in the blog seat with a post on a night time adventure I had with Wex Photographic. 

The night before my recent final project hand-in of year one I was running around wasteland on an exclusive workshop organised by Wex Photographic shooting the rehearsal of the 451 event which was part of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival

The event was described on the NN Festivals website as:

Closing the Festival’s Outdoor programme, this incendiary open air performance explores the story of a dystopian society where books are banned and firemen employed to burn them.
Inspired by Ray Bradbury’s visionary novel Fahrenheit 451, this is a breathtaking 360-degree surround performance with immersive sound installation, high-octane dramatic action and pyrotechnics to engulf your senses.
Dotted through this post are my images taken on the night. The event's description sounds as exciting as it actually was! Even though we were at the rehearsal we still got a flavour of the pyrotechnics, full on book burning and dramatic hunting action from the fire fighters who were full of menace as they set about rounding up the book readers. 

The people joining me on the workshop were all competition winners. Wex are fantastic supporters of creativity and you may recall they also sponsored our Norwich Fashion Week Vintage Show too, in which they also ran a workshop competition, so it's well worth keeping an eye on their website as you may just also find yourself on shoot experience that money just can't buy! 
 The workshop was very mixed in skills from those that have shot festivals (so are used to working in the dark!) to part time photographers and those hoping to become photographers.... and then there was me! Now I may know my way round my camera but as you may know I tend to do fashion/fashion portraiture so this was WAY WAY WAY out of my comfort zone or indeed really what I know.  I'm,not used to shooting in the dark without flash at all! 

Fortunately the photographer Damien Demolder who was leading the workshop is a photographer extraordinaire and he was fantastic at taking us through our settings prior to the the start of the show, and really helped us make the most of the hour's rehearsal. 

It was a case of expect the unexpected because although we had the show description we didn't know exactly how the rehearsal would go and it soon became obvious once fire started being made and whistles were being blown, that this show would cover ground and sky - so we really were running around non stop for the full rehearsal as the action moved to various parts of the area and back again! 
Wex also run workshops that money can buy (as luck would have it!) and I've been on one of their fashion shoots and it was also extremely good. What's nice about Wex and their workshops is that you get a interesting mix of people at all different levels and the proffesional photographer running the class works with you to help you learn. If you're open to having your creativity and skills pushed then these are an ideal testing ground.The good news is they're not just Norwich based either so take a look at the events page.
Something else Wex have coming up on 7th June that is in Norwich though, is a photography symposium - a whole day of talks by photographers from various genres including....and wait for this..... Peter Everard Smith who was assistant to Lewis Morely- the photographer who shot *that* picture of Christine Keeler sitting astride the chair. 
I'm not even going to add a picture, because that image is SO iconic you know exactly the one I mean! For full info on all the talks take a look here.
 I have my tickets so if you see me come over and say hello! 


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