Going seventies themed with the Jarrolds Blogger Event #Norwich

I've mentioned before that in Norwich we have an independent department store called Jarrolds. It's a beautiful store from an architectural perspective, very grand on the outside and beautifully ornate in detail. The history section on the website starts at 1770 and goes right through to today, there's a huge amount of artifacts and imagery so that section is well worth a browse if like me, you love history and there's some fantastic pictures of shop staff which form a wonderful look at fashion and style of shop girls of the past.

The theme of the stores latest blogger evening was the seventies. The fashion world has gone a bit wild for this era and are making lots of statements about the seventies being back. Now it might be because I love vintage style any way and have a genuine interest in fashion history but does the seventies ever really go away? 

Many summer/autumn collection from catwalks to runways often have some kind of seventies influence from floaty dresses to short A-line skirts and floppy hats. Fashion is indeed one big cycle of style. 

So how did the Jarrolds team do the seventies trend? Well in true Jarrolds event style before we got to see any fashion we were treated to some fizz (soft drink for me though as I had to go home and edit some shoot images after!) and some scrummy canapes which were once again almost to pretty to eat. Almost.

The event took place in the Jarrolds furniture store, The Granary as the fashion floor which was the original location is having a super makeover and it must be huge because it's not relaunching until September 8th! They did a brilliant job on the beauty floor when they gave it an overhaul, the improvement was massive so I'm looking forward to seeing how they also make the fashion floor modern whilst maintaining some kind of traditional Jarrolds department store feeling.

Bearing in mind the last fashion show I was at was London Graduate Fashion Week where the seats for the show were high wooden benches (read that as not ideal for short people...) being invited to flop back in a leather sofa as models passed by felt somewhat of a luxury! 

There were just four models each with one look so the showcase was actually over quite quick but following on from that we were talked through the styling of each look from clothes, through to the hair and makeup - the moodboards were on display and the makeup for each look was too, giving us an opportunity to swatch and explore all the different brands and have a closer look at the outfits.

We were also talked through how these waves/curls were created by straighteners/wands and then given a relaxed look by running fingers through the curls to break them up. 

Each models makeup was the makeup artists take on a modern wearable seventies inspired look and what I did like is that each model wore a variety of brands rather than just one. This seems much more reflective of a typical makeup bag - I know I certainly like to mix and match brand names myself.

This idea then tied in to a new service Jarrolds are going to be offering which I think is a BRILLIANT idea - which is in effect a makeup stylist who will work across the brands to advise and create looks for customers which means they can tailor pick to suit your needs/likes. 

For example I love Chanel lipsticks and eyeshadows but the Chanel foundations make my skin erupt so if I went for this makeup stylist option the advice and styling would be tailor made for me. 

Jarrolds like most department stores do offer makeup services, the cost of which is redeemable against purchases so if you are going to treat yourself to some new makeup why not book in for this service and have your makeup done too? 

You'll probably pick up some new ideas, you'll get to try out several new products and you'll get brilliant value for you money as you just made the ££ you just paid for that new lipstick stretch to the treat of having someone else do your make up to! I did this when I bought a lipstick there.

I didn't get a chance to chat to all the bloggers but did meet Georgia who writes georgiaadolpho.com and Hannah who writes over on hannahjanewilliams.co.uk which was lovely, so I now have new blog reading material too.

We also got amazing goody bags and rather me just say oooh look what I got, I'm going to tell you about about a couple of the products that I've now been using for about a week and am hooked!

Firstly I turned 38 this year and am very aware of  the changes in my skin that have been happening over the last few years. This doesn't seem to make me stop the late nights and my love for a good vino but it does make me think that I need to look after my face more!

I'd been researching serums for a while but was yet to really commit further up the price range than Boots no.7 so when I saw the Lancome Genifique serum I was super keen to try it.

now the blurb on this product says

Our #1 serum for softer, glowing, younger-looking skin.
At Lancome, every skincare routine starts with Advanced Genifique Serum.
Applied before your moisturiser, this skin saviour reduces fine lines and gives you a radiant glow, no matter your age, ethnicity or skintype.
14 years of research, 7 patents. Exclusive self-loading dropper.
After cleansing, apply one drop of Advanced Genifique Serum evenly across your face and neck and gently massage in the formula. Follow with your chosen face cream.

After the first few days I noticed a difference and several days on I'm feeling there is definitely a change. My skin feel softer and firmer and this creates an amazing base for my makeup. I'm really really loving it, I will be buying this once my goody box bottle runs out. It's not cheap but a little goes a long way. Prices start from £35 and increases with bottle size.

The other product I love love love is the Lancome Hypnose mascara. The blurb says 

Turn up the look of volume of your lashes with Hypnose!
Build up to 6 times more volume without clumping. The PowerFull™ Brush helps deliver volume that you control. Glides through for lash separation and even application from base to tip.
Benefits : made to measure volume, smudge proof, ultra-light
And it's true. At £22.50 it's a few pounds more than Benefit's They're Real which has been my go to for my short not very full eyelashes BUT it's less drying and builds really easy. Now this version isn't as hard wearing as the Benefit one but does come in a waterproof version which I'd be keen try. I'm not going to be giving up my Benefit mascara completely but for something gentler and easy to remove the Lancome Hypnose is fab.

My final top pick of all the awesome goodies is a shameless and not very subtle hint for my husband to buy me a bottle of Tom Ford Velvet Orchid for Christmas. The sample is just lovely and it reminds me of a less heavy version of Opium (one of my popular fragrances of my youth!)

Thanks to the Jarrolds team for a lovely evening!


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