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If you follow me over on Twitter you might have noticed that I've been dropping the word university  in to the odd tweet and yes indeed I am now a uni student! At 37..............

When Christmas 2013 I sat an applied to do a BA in Photography and in Feb 2014 I found myself at an interview surrounded by much younger people who all had done there A levels and various BTEC and foundation degrees and there I sat in my damp faux fur with my wet feet (It really poured as I walked to the interview - typical!) and nothing but my portfolio which I'd built up through adult education City and Guilds classes and friends who'd trusted me to do projects with them.

I was pretty sure I hadn't got on the course but thought it had been a good experience and that I could always try again next year. When an email from the uni arrived about a week later I can remember exactly where I was and I stopped walking and just looked at it sitting in my inbox for a few seconds wondering whether to open it or not.............but a few seconds later I did and to my astonishment and I mean total astonishment I'd been given an unconditional place. EEK!

So since October I've been busily working away on the various uni projects and getting my head around being in full time education which at 37 is challenging. And weird.......... I told about five people very close to me that I was applying and once I got on about another five. I didn't really start telling people for a few weeks because I was convinced someone at the uni was going to realise they had made a mistake, but here I am several months after the start date and it is indeed actually happening! I'm still pinching myself.

Some shots from a recent shoot inspired by Teddy Girl Fashion

Team credits
Photography/hair/makeup by Me
Styling Karen James Welton aka Fabulous Miss K
Models Molly & Maya
Fashion: Teddy Girl Jacket outfit by Retreat Vintage 
Striped blouse made by Hyde Johnson Couture 

Being in full time study does mean that at the moment my hair and makeup services are limited and the website is being updated very soon so will have a whole new look. 

I've also been very busy working on Norwich Fashion Week and of you can make it to Norwich for 8th March I really thing we have great show planned! This year's show is sponsored by Wex Photographic which I think is a perfect sponsor. Fashion and photography go hand in hand for me! 

You can buy tickets to the Vintage Show here and this week I'll be blogging about more vintage show news. 

If you want to know more about Norwich Fashion Week click here


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