Vintage inspired nights out #Norwich

Whilst I enjoy vintage it's not all that I enjoy and over the last couple of years many new friends, people I've met aren't remotely vintage-like at all. I like this mix of different personalities. I like it when the world, my world is an eclectic assortment of different people with varying likes/dislikes and styles.

So I'm very  drawn to events where there is a variety of people which is why I like the Lounge events in Norwich organised by Fabulous Miss K and DJ'd by Graham, her husband aka Three Bits of Rhythm.

The music is 'vintage' but it's really an event for anyone-  people dress up or dress down as they wish - indeed at the last event I rocked up dressed down in jeans, jumper and converse but certainly didn't feel out of place. 

These events are monthly so if you're in Norwich or perhaps you are visiting keep an eye on Fabulous Miss K's Facebook page for updates. These are just a few quick edits, I'll add a proper album to the Missy Vintage Facebook page asap but hopefully this will give you and idea of these nights. The next one is Jan 10th  (details here) and I'm hoping to get a long if the Lemsip does it's job......

This is a picture heavy post but these guys can give you a taste for these evening more than any words can! 

Massive thank you to Karen and everyone for having me and my camera for the evening! 

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  1. What a thoroughly enjoyable post. Thanks so much for sharing!!!


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