Little healthy changes of 2014

Well as one year passes and another year begins it's often a time to reflect and make future plans. 2014 has certainly seen huge changes for me as I began university (more on that in another post!) Not all the changes were that huge of course but 2014 was a year of some smaller lifestyle tweaks - perhaps not as many as there should have been, but certainly a few beneficial ones so when Simply Health got in touch to ask if I'd like to share three healthy habits I've adopted it seemed like a good chance to focus on the positive changes I have made rather than the ones I didn't. 

Walking more.....

I know this is something often mentioned by people when they talk about healthy habits but I love walking.It's perhaps easier for me as I don't have small children to transport from A to B and I live very close to the city centre but I will always walk if I can rather than jump in the car. I love walking to music and I have specific play lists for whether I'm in a rush or can take a more leisurely pace. Norwich is a lovely place to live and although I'm very centrally based it's still easy to have non urban walk. 

I'm often working from home and so try and work in a lunch time stroll even if it's just a short walk because I think it just helps re-energise you for the next work session.

I joined the gym

I joined the gym nearly a year ago and whilst I still have visits when I clock watch and generally can't be bothered, I have other days when I just don't want to leave. Life does get in the way and some weeks I don't go as often as others but I've never once regretted my membership so far. The treadmill has been my friend during many stressful times this year! I don't enjoy running outside, all I want to do is stick my music in my ears and switch off - that's the joy of treadmills, you can just get on with it and not have to worry about stopping at roads, avoiding pedestrians etc. 

I'm certainly not breaking any records, which is fine by me, I'm not doing it to be a competitor, I'm doing it just because I can. 

Read more.....

Is reading a healthy habit? Yes I think so! If it gets you away from a screen then that's definitely good for you - both mentally and physically so that's a win win. My reading has changed quite a bit recently as I'm researching more about art than I am hair at the moment! I'm really enjoying getting a big pile of books and getting a way from the laptop for a while. The weather's been so mild recently I've been reading outside a lot with cups of tea. Wonderful!

Have you made any healthy habit changes recently you're hoping to take through to 2015? If you want some inspiration you can pop over to the Simply Health website


  1. My 2015 goal is to step away from the laptop more and actually reading would be a good incentive to do that so thank you!

  2. I joined the gym this year too, it's been tough at times and not cheap but I like knowing it's there whenever I want to go. I'm trying a new programme this year and I've started getting off the bus stop a few stops earlier so I have warm up enroute

  3. I've got quite a few healthy habits that I'm working on adopting. The main ones are cooking more often, incorporating more vegetables into my diet and adding less sugar to my coffee. So far, so good!


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