Guest Post: My Top 5 Most Wanted Summer Accessories

Another guest post for you, this time from Emma of House of Handmade. Emma makes the most exquisite faux fur wraps using the softest, silkiest fabric I have ever seen. Now this post was scheduled to be with you two weeks ago whilst I was away being busy with climbing fells and saying hello to sheep as I passed by but blogger decided to ignore my scheduling demands so here it is today instead!

It may not feel like summer with our changeable skies but that's typical of the British summer every year, so rain or shine lets make the most of summer and we're predicted warmer days to come - hooray to that! I absolutely love this list Emma has put together and thanks Emma for highlighting some small businesses that I wasn't already aware of. Links to House of Handmade can be found at the end of this post


My Top 5 Most Wanted Summer Accessories

The summer has come and we’re faced with the predicament of how to polish off our outfits while wearing less than the usual amount of clothes. This is the time that well planned accessories can make or break an outfit!

So to take the pain out of searching for that special something to make your summer party outfits pop, I've been looking on the web and through my various social media feeds to find my top 5 accessories for summer.

As an independent designer myself, I know it’s important to find unique pieces that are reasonably priced and well made, so here are my 5 most coveted items for this season…

Over the last year we’ve seen floral headbands galore, so it’s time to see a different take on the classic headband. Rouge Pony use feathers and flowers with leather bands to create a festival favourite. I love the tan leather against the bright red roses of this festival band, and think that the luxe velvet flowers will take you through to hit on the Autumn/Winter 14 texture trend. 

An Instagram crush of mine @LAURABUSONY, makes beautiful necklaces with metals, gemstones and semi-precious stones. They aren’t your usual twee affair; instead she takes inspiration from Aztec and Egyptian designs, creating interesting shapes. The Golden Dawn necklace is on my most wanted list as I love the shape of the hand extended into the quartz. This American designer is on the up with an ever expanding collection of jewellery.  Despite the hefty price tag, I think her designs will continue to become even more popular. 

Another Instagram favourite (@PAULINE_BENU) and an example of festival fun is the beautiful new leather jewellery by independent designer Pauline Benu. I’ve had my eye on her work since seeing her stall at the Renegade Craft Fair last year and I’m sold on her fruity summer designs. Check out this necklace which will have you going bananas! 

I’m a bit obsessed with printing at the moment and Rosita Bonita has developed a clever way of printing her designs onto leather to create stunning pieces of jewellery. These earrings caught my eye on Instagram (@ROSITABONITAUK) as part of a set with an Egyptian scarab necklace. The earrings based on lucky horseshoes are bold enough to make a statement on their own and would add extra detail to your up-do. 

I’ve been a big fan of Zoe Larkins since I saw one of her handmade leather brooches perched on the beehive of Amy Winehouse. I love the way she manipulates leather which has expanded to different fashion and home ware products. I’ve always been a fan of her signature style with bold colours and intricate leather pieces stitched together. Plus her Frida Kahlo brooch is always a winner for summer with the tiny flower details. 

Emma Bosanko is the designer/maker behind accessories label The House of Handmade and makes vintage inspired pieces with faux fur and florals. For more information on her work check her out on www.thehouseofhandmade.com or at @THEHOUSEOFHANDMADE via Instagram. 

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Guest Post: 70s Fashion

I'm currently taking some time off and have politely twisted the arms of a few fellow bloggers and/or small business to write some guest posts for me to keep you all amused. First up is a post on 70s style by Tiffany who writes Glitter, Guts and Glory - yes, brilliant blog name isn't it? Wish I'd thought of it!

70s Fashion 

Growing up in the 1990’s in America, I always had a little bit of a love affair with the 70’s. When I was in high school, which runs from age 14 to 18 in the states, flared jeans came into fashion, and chunky platform shoes were all the rage, especially with baby doll dresses. But it was way before this, back when I was around 12 that I found my mother’s old pair of octagon shaped glasses from when she was in school and desperately wanted to be able to wear them as they were just a hell of a lot cooler than any of the modern frames I had seen. 

We took them to the optician to ask if they would put my lenses in them and they agreed to try. There were no promises however as they were afraid the frames might break in the process. Luckily, it worked! I was so proud that I was wearing my own mothers 1970's glasses from when she was a teenager. I was so excited to be able to wear them, I thought it was the coolest thing in the world ever to be wearing real accessories from the 70's which were obviously the coolest time period ever. It was doubly exciting when I wore a pair of her old worn in flared jeans too, which were not yet in style. 

I’ve always just liked what I like, whether it’s in style or not. I just do not care much about trend. So, I thought that I'd do some virtual shopping for some great 70's finds on Etsy:
There are a few things I quite like about 1970’s fashion. There’s the bold, in-your-face of some pieces, like this amazing red jumpsuit. I quite liked this because jumpsuits are in again at the moment, not quite like this, but that's what makes this one even better!

Flares, oh why don't I wear them more often? I love this look, the white tunic and everything.

Flare Street
Flares and bell bottoms have to be among my favourite trend of all time, both in classic 70's patterns and not. The Etsy shop who makes these two pairs above is definitely worth looking at. Flare Street makes an amazing line including zebra, leopard print, velvet and more.

This festival dress is made in California with vintage 70's material, so not strictly 70's fashion but I loved it as soon as I came across it looking for appropriate things to share. I am a bit of a leopard print addict so it's no wonder but I thought as it's made with vintage fabric it passed the test.

When I got married the first time, I wore a big white gown with dramatic bell sleeves, similar to this one here. It was definitely a big depart from what all the other brides were wearing at the time, which was strapless gowns. Not only was it January and I have arms I prefer covered, but I just love something dramatic, so the bell sleeves were perfect and I loved it.

There is also Mexican peasant blouses, those chunky shoes and boots I mentioned earlier, choker necklaces and, obviously, t-shirts which became outerwear at that time. It's all very casual but I imagine that's why I love it. I've never been very good at suffering through uncomfortable outfits all day. I love a lot of different styles from all sorts of decades but with a simple, comfortable peasant blouse and flares, the 1970's will always be my most preferred decade. 

What do you think about 70's wear? Yay or not dressy enough?

Meet Tiffany from Glitter, Guts & Glory. A busy mum of two, Tiffany writes a  blog covering her thoughts and musings on all manner of topics including fashion, nutrition, body image and feminism. Not afraid to court opinion, Glitter, Guts & Glory is a fab one for your reading list.

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July on Instagram

I feel like every month I'm looking back wondering it went. Times go by so fast and July especially is a month where I remember the death of one of the nicest and funniest people I ever met. When I left my job where we we'd worked together, I forwarded myself the emails he'd sent me so I would always have them. I still read them and laugh. Sending a cheeky wink up to you Hatton! X 

July was also a month of an impromptu photoshoot sparked by model Amy Woodman being back in Norwich and asking if I was free. If Amy looks familiar it's because she has been on Britain's Next Top Model. From Norwich but now living in London, I've worked with Amy on a few shoots now and she is adorable, funny and striking, London photographers check Amy out! 

July has brought both rain, sun and beehives, which seem to be getting bigger the more I wear them.....

Enjoy the rest of August everyone!

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What I wore #VintageFriday for Oxfam

Today I was planning to show you a few bargains I've picked recently but as I mentioned last week Oxfam teamed up with Dawn O'Porter of #ThisOldThing to try and raise funds by having a #VintageFriday

Those of you who have been following for a while will know I'm a huge fan of shopping in charity shops. I would say a large proportion of my fashion is purchased from them. I love it when someone says they like my top/dress etc and I'm like "oh thanks £2.50!" I've worn charity shops buys to some pretty swanky affairs and events and I'll happily tell anyone who asks I bought it from a charity shop.

My About Me page tells the tale of my first piece of second hand clothing I actually bought myself and that was a 70s mans blazer which I am GUTTED I didn't keep. I was fifteen and I loved it. It was lovingly pinned with badges on the lapels and I wore it to school even though girls didn't wear blazers and I took so much abuse for that blazer. Showing my age here....this was the early 90s - and anyone who grew up in that time will know what I mean when I say the phrase "Did your mum get that from Oxfam??!" That was such a phrase of my youth and it was a bad bad bad thing to have sneered at you in the corridor.

I've had a few bargain buys recently including my new fave 80s blouse which along with a pair of black skinny jeans made up my #VintageFriday outfit.
Blouse £2.75 - Charity Shop
Jeans - Primark

No filter on this photo so you can see just how amaze the pink is. I love pussybow blouses. You can also see here that any surface is a dressing table in my house...
As you can also see my hair is blue.... I popped to Salon Services to grab some blue Crazy Colour but decided against blue and opted for lilac instead. It did however come out blue.... news on that in another post, although you can join me on Blue Hair Watch over on my Instagram.
Did you take part in the Oxfam campaign

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