Sponsored post: Coffee Love with Currys

Currys got in touch to ask if I'd be interested in sharing with them and you how I enjoy my coffee. Now I have to say that as much as I like the look of those fancy pants coffee machines many people have in their kitchens, the most gadget like coffee wizardry I have is a cafetiere, I keep pondering getting something more racy to make coffee but it's currently on the list of things I might buy one day....
I adore coffee but when I'm out and about apart from the odd latte and the occasional splash of syrup if I'm feeling like throwing caution to wind (wild thing that I am) my coffee requirements are pretty simple. I like a good black coffee such as an americano or an expresso. When out to dinner I'll often skip dessert and opt for a black coffee with a shot of amaretto. If you haven't tried this delectable combination, I highly recommend you give it a go. I can only describe it as a hot liquid cherry bakewell with a glorious caffeine hit, it is just divine. Pour it over a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and it becomes the ultimate lazy yet boozy desert.

Boozy coffee aside (sort off)  I did consider the idea of getting all creative for this post and attempting some latte art at home but I had a better idea which was sparked by a conversation about the days when we got free milk at school and I realised that I couldn't remember the last time I drank a glass of milk apart from the very occasional smoothie.

So then I discovered the simple yet genius idea of coffee ice cubes.You do need to make the coffee really strong so they are not watery, a good  expresso is perfect and if you have a sweet tooth add some sugar to taste too. It's so simple - make a very strong expresso, pour in to an ice cube tray and freeze. That's it! Then just add to milk and you have an ice cold coffee infused glass of milk that's really delicious!

 Extra additions you can add are - whipped cream or alcohol - something like baileys or amaretto. Now this combination of milk, amaretto and coffee is yumtastic and it may well already be a combination with a fancy pants name but to me it shall now be forever known as a Missy Vintage MAC. 
Curry's will be linking to other bloggers who've written about their love for coffee and you can keep an eye out for those posts and get some gadget inspiration by visiting the Curry's website

*This post was written in collaboration with Currys
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Presenter of This Old Thing, Dawn O'Porter has teamed up with Oxfam on two exiting vintage ventures to raise money for the charity.

Vintage for charidee idea number 1

#VintageFriday FOR OXFAM - FRIDAY 1 AUGUST 2014

Oxfam and Dawn O' Porter want to see you rocking your finest retro chic next Friday to raise money for a great cause. Just wear your favourite vintage outfit or accessory  for #VINTAGEFRIDAY then donate £3 to Oxfam by texting Vintage to 70066, helping to transform lives around the world. Use the hashtag #VintageFriday along with the usual #ootd to proudly share your style and your donation pledge.

*'Messages will be charged at £3, plus one standard rate message. By texting consent is given to future marketing by Oxfam. To unsubscribe from SMS send NOINFO to 70066'

Vintage for charidee idea number 2


Oxfam are calling upon the public to hold their own #THISOLDTHING vintage sale. Invite friends round, take your unwanted vintage to work etc (perhaps you have a few items you have bought that you never have and never will get round to taking up, letting out etc...) cakes and booze are optional but may be a nice addition to a get together (any excuse!)
There are no set prices, buyers can donate what they think the item is worth. All the profits and any items left over can be donated to Oxfam.

For more info see: www.oxfam.org.uk/shop/vintage and take a look at the video Dawn O'Porter has made. I know This Old Thing has had some varied reviews from vintage fans and I'm mid way through a blog post to add mine in to the mix but.....I think it's been a good way to get more people in to thinking of vintage as a fashion option.

If you do love your vintage then this sale idea could be the perfect way for you to get your stylist head on and introduce people to preloved items in a way that will also help charity too. There's loads of people who won't step foot in a charity shop, so this way you can sort of take the shop to them. Maybe you'll convert them!

Get involved and get online with @OxfamFashion and @hotpatooties using #VINTAGEFRIDAY and #THISOLDTHING and feel free to tweet me on @missy_vintage because I'd also love to see what you're wearing and how you're styling your new finds!
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Fashion Focus: Corsets

One of the fashiony related questions that's been asked of me a lot over the last few months has been about corsets and a large proportion of these questions have come from brides on budgets so I thought a blog post might be helpful if you are looking to wear a corset on you wedding day or special occasion.

I've worked with Corsets UK a lot over the space of a couple of years, I own corsets from this company and have run giveaways and as mentioned previously, they also dressed the hostesses for the Norwich Fashion Week Vintage Show

If you have a budget that affords you a bespoke corset then there are many talented designers out there who can create something unique for you but if you can't or don't have the money to spend then Corsets UK have an absolutely massive range so I thought I'd do a blog post on some of the ranges available that I think make this a good brand to have on your radar, they also offer a very good range of sizes too.

Tight budget or want the look without breaking the bank

Firstly worth noting is that lots of the corsets are available under the 3 for the price of 2 offer - perfect for spreading the cost of your bridesmaids outfits PLUS they get something they can wear again.

Secondly there are bargains to be had in the sale, the corsets are already pretty reasonably priced but the sale spreads across the range, so well worth a looksy

Thirdly think corset tops, these are like bustiers, they have plastic boning so won't hold you in as tight as a steel boned corset but they will still create a nice shape. As blogged in other posts, the hostesses at the Vintage Show wore corsets from this range and the evidence shows they looked gorgeous. These particular ones are incredibly pretty and the material is actually quite heavy which combined with the sturdy yet flexible boning kept our gals silhouettes looking fabulous all evening. The detailing is beautiful and the general opinion was that these looked much more expensive than they actually were.

Was £28 now £18 in sizes 8-24

Other corsets in this range include
Was £28 now £20

Steel boned and dressed in white (that sounds like a song lyric....)

You can read about the first time I wore a steel boned corset here and now that I've worn one on numerous occasions I compiled this list of tips for first time corset wearers.
  • Wear the corset as much as possible before and event/occasion. Even just an hour a day is sufficient.
  • The corset will be laced at the back – just lace the corset with as little tension as needed at first. This allows you to get used the sensation of the rigid steel boning and allows the steel to warm up with the heat from your body.
  • Gradually tighten the lacing. this could be after a few hours or it could be over a few days. Only tighten to what’s comfortable. You should be feeling secure but not uncomfortable. You should never be in pain.
  • Over time the corset will adapt to YOUR shape and YOUR curves so this is a piece of clothing that’s unique to you. Don’t let anyone else wear it.
  • Practice wearing it around the house and then just tighten the laces at the back slowly. Slowly is the key!   
Was £75 now £49

Steel boned and unashamedly NOT dressed in white ........

Was £75 now £55
To complete the look you could contact a local seamstress to make you a skirt, if you're handy with a sewing machine even better. You could search the charity shops, free adds, gumtree and look out for bridal shop sales to complete your outfit if you're after that full length bridal look. Pencil skirts never go out of fashion so are always readily available if you're a bride or a bridesmaid going for foxy glam over a more traditional appearance.

Anyone for a steampunk bride?

With many brides taking full creative control over their entire day, weddings have never been so varied and creative, it's often the case that the most unique weddings are the ones that are really based on the personalities of the couple and they've organised the day in a way that really shows who they are. If you're into steampunk or maybe you've decided your wedding day is the day you want to go a bit more alternative then Corsets UK have some real goodies....

Was £39 now £29


So there's a mini round up of corset ideas for your big day from sweet and demure to alternatively lovely. I wore a navy blue pencil dress to get married in so I'm all about wearing whatever it is that makes you feel gorgeous from corsets to pencil dresses and yes, even meringues!

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Roller Derby with The Norfolk Brawds

I was recently asked if I'd like to attend Roller Derby but unfortunately I already had plans, and I have to say I don't have good memories of roller skates *looks at scars on knees from over twenty years ago* but knowing that Missy Vintage readers might be interested, I sent along Susie of Wake up Little Susie in my place to report back so here's a post on Susie's day at Roller Derby with the Norfolk Brawds.

When some friends signed up for local Roller Derby Team The Norfolk Brawds around a year ago, I wasn’t tempted to join in, not being especially sporty & not being very good on skates but I was VERY intrigued with the idea, which seems very American & not what you’d expect to find in Norfolk (in fact I always use the American pronunciation of ‘Durby’ rather than ‘Darby’ in my mind!) 

 Roller Derby did start in America in the 1920s, with a resurgence in the 1970s when you could see films like ‘Kansas City Roller’ starring Raquel Welch & ‘Unholy Rollers’ with Claudia Jennings, both from 1972 (as Simon was quick to point out), not to mention the fad of Roller Disco! I also remember it featuring in an episode of CSI (where obviously it didn’t end well) but there my knowledge ended... 

Until last Saturday! Me & Simon were pleased to get a short notice opportunity to attend the Heartland Series 2014 bout featuring the Norfolk Brawds, on behalf of Missy Vintage. On arriving at the UEA, (once I’d got over the unfamiliar sporty atmosphere) we made a bee line for the various concessions, particularly the Golden Unicorn Skate Emporium which was the first time I’d seen her fantastic stock in the flesh. 
Next I headed for Pin Pin Finds where I admired giant moth jewellery & got a useful crash course from Tazzy before heading to the bleachers knowing all about jammers & blockers & various referee hand gestures. 
Before it  kicked off, a nice touch was a minute’s noise for Louisey Rider, a Nottingham Roller Girl who had tragically died,  illustrating the comradeship amongst the Derby girls that I was already sensing. 
My crash course, together with a running commentary from Gemma Retro Chick Seager, stood me in good stead as we got into the first bout of Bedfordshire Roller Girls v. The Big Bucks High Rollers and I felt I was really getting the hang of what was going on, helped by the fact that the 2 Teams weren’t well matched so it was easy to see who was doing well. Whilst Simon was slightly disappointed by the lack of out & out violence and use of weapons (again, too many ‘70s movies?), I did enjoy myself & was looking forward to supporting the local Team in the second half.
Following a brief, pleasant interlude involving a picnic in the sun with some lovely friends, we all hit the bleachers again for the second bout of the afternoon featuring The Norfolk Brawds v. The Milton Keynes Concrete Cows. As the Teams seemed better matched, there was more of the slamming about that Simon had hoped for plus we both thought that the Brawds’ outfits of little dresses looked much more traditional & American! 
Sadly our guys didn’t win this time, but I became much more confident in spotting & applauding the lead jammer! Our only criticism would be that it was a very long day, we’d arrived at midday & didn’t leave until 5.30 (& bleachers are only comfy for so long!) by which time we were shattered & for that reason I probably enjoyed the first bout more. I’m still not tempted to sign up, BUT we were both very glad of the experience and would definitely go along again – Go Brawds!   

Visit the Norfolk Broads website

Susie is the face behind Wake Up Little Susie which travels the vintage fairs and events of Norfolk selling clothing, accessories and home ware from the 1950s to the 1970s with a specialism (and passion) for vintage nightwear which you can also purchase online through Susie's Etsy shop

Wake Up Little Susie is holding a pop up evening soiree in Norwich on Fri 25th July for more details click here

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Missy Vintage Reviews : Satchel Love with Cut Make Trim

 I've had loving admiration for satchels for quite some time. I've had a few cheapy ones which were really only fleeting relationships as they're now long gone due to breaking straps. Cheap bags are good for fast fashion (and bad in many other ways, I know) but when it comes to a good classic, dare I say iconic style like the satchel, perhaps it's worth investing more?

 I'd been eyeing up satchels for a while now, waiting to take the plunge, so when Cut Make Trim contacted me to ask if I'd like to review a bag from them, I was really excited to see that amongst their designs were several sizes of satchel.

I wasn't familiar with the company so it was really good to learn that the bags are made here in the UK by a small team of craftspeople. Task one was to choose the satchel size. I chose the largest (15") so I could fit my laptop into it. The website has a helpful description of the bags which was really useful - this is the description for the 15" (whereas the next size down the description mentions an A5 notepad) I found this much easier to imagine the right size for my needs and it saved me digging a tape measure out.

This is the biggest satchel of our range. Perfect for carrying any laptop up to 15”, it is easy to fit a lot into this satchel. We put the same amount of detail into this size satchel as the rest of our satchels. The size of this satchel makes it ideal to take to university or work.
Dimensions: 290 x 400 x 140mm weight 1455g

The bag I chose the colour in real life is much more vibrant

I do carry A LOT of stuff around with me most of the time. Too much to be honest but carrying it around in a satchel has definitely made it all a more organised form of chaos, the shape of satchels acts as sort of filing cabinet and the quality/thickness of the leather prevents the bag from losing it's shape. 
This size bag also comes with a handle too which is useful and also adds a briefcase feel to the satchel, which makes it feel like it has two looks for the price of one. Colour wise the choice is crazy, there are so many to choose from, after changing my mind several times I settled on royal blue. 

I didn't want to review this in an 'I love my new bag' way so I've put this through it's paces, it's been on train journeys, to London Graduate Fashion Week, thrown in the back of the car, taken to meetings, to cafes and pubs.... so it's been pretty much a 'go to' bag rather than one that's saved for best. The strap is quite long for me at 5'2 but I've tied a knot in it which is something I often have to do anyway so it's not a big deal.

Budget is all relative and if you can easily spend hundreds on a bag then £94 isn't a lot of money, but if your budget for fashion is far less, then of course £94 feels like a lot, but for a bag that will last you potentially a lifetime, it's an investment that's worth it in my opinion. 

Outfit post out take.....

Cut Make Trim also sell at Covent Garden every Saturday and Sunday at the Jubilee Hall Craft Market so if you're that way go check them out, alternatively you can shop online with free delivery. I'm super tempted to get a small satchel or a saddlebag style for evenings and days where I could get away with a smaller bag. 


My dilemma is do I go for a classic colour or something that adds a pop of colour?....hmmmm....I do love the yellow...

Written in collaboration with Cut Make Trim. Visit the website
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Missy Vintage Giveaway - Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

For as long as I can remember I've loved makeup. Unlike many little girls I don't have those memories of watching my mother carefully applying her face as I eye up her makeup bag and ponder when my opportunity to sneakily borrow it all for my own face will come. My mother never wore makeup, my first memory of wearing lipstick comes when I was probably about seven and my nan dabbed an orange red shade on my lips and cheeks as a special treat as I stayed there one weekend. I can still remember the waxy taste and smell along the overwhelming feeling of grown up-ness as we walked down to the shops.

I can also remember my very first attempt and winged eyeliner like it was yesterday although it was actually more than 20 years ago (EEEEK!) There was a tutorial in Just Seventeen magazine and feeling inspired I grabbed my Rimmel pencil eyeliner and began to draw....which resulted in huge thick lines that didn't much resemble the model's at all but none the less I loved it and so I pulled on my American college style jacket  and walked to my boyfriend's to probably watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air and snog. 

The only other people who wore those American college style jackets at the time were a few rockabillys and I wasn't on that scene at all, so I took quite a bit of ribbing for that jacket but I loved it and it's one of those items I *really* regret not keeping. There's no evidence of just how good/bad that first attempt at eyeliner was or the jacket because you just didn't really snap pictures of yourself back in those days but with digital cameras and apps like instagram allowing you to keep a diary of life, recording style and memories has never been easier. 

We don't always take the time to play with makeup once we hit the grown up world and as a makeup artist I'm always hearing things like

"I always stick to the same look"  
"I can't wear lipstick, it doesn't suit me"
"I'm hopeless at winged eyeliner"
"If I try and do a smoky eye I look like I've been punched"
"I've got bags full of makeup but I only ever used the same few products"

So to celebrate the fun of makeup and the various ways to apply it I have a a fantastic Bobbi Brown book that's a super resource whether you're a novice or makeup expert. It covers equipment, eyes, lips, applications, the history of makup and much more.

To win this book simple follow Missy Vintage on Bloglovin which is a great way to follow all your favourite blogs in one place, you'll then unlock several other bonus ways to enter. The giveaway is open to new and existing readers of Missy Vintage so if you're already following just let me know by following the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below. 

The Rules
This giveaway is for a copy of the Bobbi Brown Makeup manual

The winner will be selected at random

The winner will have 5 working days from being notified of their win to contact me with their address. Failure to do so will result in another winner being selected instead.

You must be aged 18 or over please

This giveaway closes at  midnight 30/7/2014 (UK time)

This giveaway is open worldwide

No cash alternative. Editor's decision is final
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A Sunny Weekend Off in #Norwich

I love being busy but after several weeks of juggling various projects I was well in need of a few days off this weekend and I had to be really really strict with myself too as I was not only offered free tickets to go and watch the Norfolk Brawds at roller derby (but I sent friends instead so watch this space for their guest post)  I was also approached to do a phootshoot which I'd have loved to do, but I had to stay strong and remember that I'd promised myself the weekend off.  To help reinforce this I'd made plans to reward myself to lunch at one of my fave little cafes in Norwich Pandora's Kitchen.

The weekend sort of began on Friday, I handed my final work in for my course, so the day started with loading folders, my portfolio and my final project piece which was a photobook of some of my work into the car and dropping that all off before we went and had an end of course lunch. I used Photobox for my photobook by the way and I found it a really user friendly site. Once you're signed up to their newsletter they email lots of offers and savings plus if you go via Top Cashback you can get cash back too.

I haven't blogged about all of the photography work I've been working on as some of it is more fine art than fashion/lifestyle related but here's the full image from my book cover. I will add them to my other Facebook page The Girl and The Camera if you do want to take a look through them, there's a few added already but there are more to come.

This photo of Marie was taken on a styling/photo session I blogged about here .To celebrate the relief of handing it all in on time despite my printer being an utter arse, an evening drink was in order and we had some bargain fizz.

I've been pondering buying some denim dungarees for a while now so when I recently saw these in H&M reduced to £10 from £29.99 I snapped them up and I really really love them. They're a bit different in style for me and I'm so ready for that. My style has really changed over the last 12-18 months, I'm embracing vintage in all kinds of ways from various eras and mixing in a lot more modern. This has definitely been influenced by going blonde, but that's a blog post currently sitting in draft.

I took this about a week ago and my hair is is all freshly blonded up! I always get asked who does my hair so sorry to repeat myself but I know it will come up again!  I get my hair cut & coloured at The Egg. I normally have Rachel who I did my hairdresser training with but she is currently off with her new baby so I'm currently seeing Louise.

It was super sunny on Saturday which meant we could actually sit outside which was just wonderful, I really really needed this long lazy lunch. I also popped in to the charity shop near by and found another Kodak Instamatic camera for £3.99. A brief google showed this model was manufactured between the late seventies and early eighties. It seems to work, these cameras are what we now refer to as point and shoots. It even has a half used 126 film Truprint film in it. I wonder if it has some interesting images from years ago or if it will indeed be people from the charity shop clicking away to test it? I'll keep you posted....

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Flying Vintage with #RetroKlm

How do you feel about flying? I have to be honest I'm a bit of a wimp and despite numerous flights I still get a little nervous but when KLM invited me to join them to celebrate their 95th anniversary by being their guest on an original Dakota DC-3, nervousness gave way to excitement because what a unique opportunity! (95th anniversary! 95th! I had no idea this airline had such a long history)

Thanks to the events official photographers All-About-Image for this fab image

How many people get to even go on plane that was in service during WW2 never mind take a flight in it? Some opportunities are too priceless to miss and several days after the flight I'm still feeling thrilled about it and even as I type this I can feel my chest get that sensation when your heart feels like it might burst with excitement.
The first planning was what to wear for such an event and fortunately I had this vintage dress I'd picked up for less than £5 a few years ago. I call this my air hostess dress so it seemed suitably apt! 
My afternoon began as all days with a Y in should (if only my world was that decadent) and that's with champagne which was accompanied with some rather beautiful delicate cakes and the very fabulous Jonathan Wyatt Big Band. I've heard so much about this band but never caught them live so this was an unexpected and much enjoyed treat in itself. 
On lead vocals was Phil Watson who is a handsome silver fox who I once used to work with in what feels like another life. So, I'm currently drinking fizz, surrounded by cake and I have a handsome man singing rat pack music to me. Technically he was of course singing to everyone in the airport but let's not ruin the dream! 
Then it was through security followed by a short wait before we could get out on the tarmac and meet our plane who it turned out was a beautiful old girl named Prinses Amalia.

We met our captain who told us about the history  including the fact the plane took a German bullet and that after the war the plane was used by the Dutch Royal family. Unlike when you normally board a plane and you're ushered straight on we actually got to hang out on the tarmac and walk around the plane, under the wings etc. It was just astonishing to see all the details and the craftsmanship.

After climbing on board (literally!) the walk to my seat was interesting, it was like walking up a very steep hill, totally different from your average plane experience and it was spacious too. Once up in the air we were treated to more fizz and were free to roam around .

KLM were excellent at encouraging us to take selfies and it was indeed a mid air selfie frenzy!

My flight took me over Norfolk and as we were only flying at 12,000 feet the view was amazing, including a huge sandbank packed with seals, which just topped off the day really when I was already thinking it couldn't get any better.
A massive thanks to KLM for inviting me to be part of your anniversary and thanks also to the staff at Norwich airport whose enthusiasm for the event was positively infectious! 

So that was my day and I even have a certificate to prove it! 

If you pop over to Twitter and search #RetroKLM you'll see tweets from others who were part of the celebrations from all over the country, it's been lovely scrolling through and seeing the experience through other people's tweets.

*this link will very much make you want/need a weekend away in Amsterdam, I'm already checking my diary to see when I can fit a trip in! 

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