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Have you ever heard a blogger speak and think 'Oh that's what they sound like!!' Well during Norwich Fashion Week, Liz Hollis grabbed me for an interview as we were preparing for The Vintage Show. I had no prior warning or prep, so I waffle quite a bit and I *must* learn to keep my hands still..............

You can see more videos by Liz over on her You Tube channel 
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You may have noticed the blog has had a bit of a makeover, I decided I wanted something more simple so have had a bit of a tweak and a re-fresh. I've also added the option of having an advert on Missy Vintage, so if you fancy promoting your blog or your business you can buy an ad from $10 (approx £6) just by clicking here 

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line!
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Generation Inspiration with LV - David Bailey

Recently insurers LV got in touch to see if I'd like to share which person in the fifty plus age category inspired me. The person could be a someone I know or someone famous. I recently had to write an essay on someone who both interests and inspires me and I was planning on sharing it on my other blog The Girl and The Camera but it seems quite fitting for the LV competition and for this blog too. The prize for the winner of the comp is dinner at Nobu London and you can take part too, details at the end of the post!

I'm deeply inspired by......................


Self Portrait by David Bailey

Many photographers can be hailed as influential, but few can be said to have had careers with the longevity of David Bailey’s.  Bailey is not just a successful fashion photographer for publications such as Vogue, he is perhaps the most iconic, notorious and diverse commercial photographer of all time.  He has photographed many key figures of popular culture over several decades, from rock legends to models and actors, as well as crossing media to direct television commercials and documentaries. 

Popular opinion has it that Bailey, along with fellow photographer Terence Donovan, was responsible for actually creating London’s swinging sixties scene, by capturing the chic fashionistas of the time and creating an “aspiration” for everyday people to want to be part of that world.  Bailey himself found that by mixing in this world his own status was elevated and that he, along with Donovan, became one of the first celebrity photographers. 

Photography by David Bailey
Bailey continued the sixties creating bold black and white images of high-profile personalities, including Michael Caine, Mick Jagger and Jean Shrimpton. Publishing “David Bailey’s Box of Pin-ups” in 1965, Bailey presented a series of portraits that included tightly cropped, high contrast images, with few (if any) props and a bare background. 

The sixties reinvented the idea of “celebrity” and Bailey photographed many of the most iconic and exciting personalities of day.  The images in the Pin-ups collection, and their style, continue to be used and recreated, with many of Bailey’s images from this collection currently found on fashion items today.  

Never afraid of new technology, Bailey began shooting with a 35mm single lens reflex camera in 1962 on a shoot for British Vogue in New York: “Young Idea Goes West”.  Bailey shared the thought process behind this change of camera choice when he recollected: 

“Not only did I have no assistant, it was so cold that the cameras stuck to your fingers”  

Deciding against taking a weighty medium format camera and a tripod, he opted to shoot with a hand-held 35mm SLR instead.  This allowed Bailey the ability to move freely, without the restrictions of a tripod, and produce a series of images that were refreshingly different for a glossy aspirational magazine like Vogue.  Prior to Bailey’s innovation, high-end publications would typically illustrate fashion using models in rigid, posed shots.  By combining the genres of fashion and street photography, Bailey captured something fresh and exciting. 

Photography by David Bailey
In 2013, Bailey and fellow photographer Bruce Weber were commissioned by Nokia to produce an exhibition of images using the Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone. Taken during a day in New York’s Harlem with the aim of capturing “an intimate human in a distant world”,  Bailey, at the age of 74, demonstrated once again his diversity as a photographer and willingness to embrace new ways of working.  Above all, Bailey showed that he remains as active, commercial and influential as ever and that to me, is incredibly inspiring.

If you'd like to enter then click here for details (the closing date has been extended to 12/04/14)

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Cover Girl - The Royal Coast Resident Magazine

Just a quick post about a recent shoot I worked on for The Royal Coast Resident Magazine which made the cover as well as the fashion feature *happy jazz hands*

Behind the scenes

I'm waiting to see a copy, so I'll be able to share more images soon and I'll do more of a write up! If you're in Norfolk you can but the magazine from various newsagents/supermarkets. You can also buy a copy online.

More news and behind the scenes images to come!

*Images credits*
Photographer Joe Black
Hair/Makeup Missy Vintage
Stylist Katy Coe

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Kate Moss for Topshop

I've completely changed today's post due to a link to Kate Moss's new collection for Topshop on British Vogue's Facebook page. Now I'm no fashionista, but I do love fashion and sometimes my fashion sense might be deemed by some as good and other times they might declare it as bad..... and I'm okay with that.

Source: Vogue
I've definitely relaxed my style over the last few years and as I type I'm looking quite like a poor man's Bananarama in my high waisted bleached 80s Levi 501 jeans (a £10 bargain!) a stripy top and what I like to refer to as a Hoxton topknot. Today isn't a day of a perfected vintage set, pencil skirt and heels, these days I mix up my look A LOT, and I like that.

So what's got me excited about the latest Moss collection? Well firstly the fact that I am excited, is exciting in itself. I repeat I am no fashionista. This new collection though is pretty amazing with many of these pieces giving a nod to vintage and is in fact inspired by pieces in Kate's own wardrobe. 

Source: Vogue
 There are cocktail dresses that could look very 50s, some amazing fringing for a 70s look and an absolutely jaw dropping evening dress that could be styled beautifully with loose waves and red lipstick to give more than a nod to the glamour of the Hollywood golden years, yes?

Source: Vogue
So with icons like Kate Moss sharing their obvious love for vintage, fashion and fashion lovers will continue to embrace the V word in their wardrobes, it's now SO main stream that it can no longer be considered a 'fashion bubble' surely? 

Source: Vogue
Source: Vogue
Source: Vogue
Source: Vogue

You can pop over to the Topshop website and see a short video of Kate Moss talking about the collection which is available at the end of April. I've been looking for a fringed biker jacket for about 18 months and whilst the perfect one isn't in this collection, you just know that the Moss/Topshop collaboration will set the bar for other retailers because this is a trendsetting collection indeed.

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Instagram: A March Flashback

Well that's a week of April gone but I thought I'd take you back to March for this post. It was quite a busy one to say the least so here's a trip back in time via the wonderful world of Instagram........

It was a month where I stepped away from the red lipsticks and tried out new shades in this seasons colours, with pops of bright pink and orange along with some nudes for a more subdued look.

My hair temporarily went lilac and Norwich Fashion Week happened along with an exhibition launch for artist Simon Pritchard and I also had my 37th Birthday! 

You can follow my tea drinking, wine tasting, lipstick testing antics over on Instagram if you fancy it! 

My Instagram
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Norwich Fashion Week 2014 The Final Show

By the time the final show got here I was more than ready to see the week out with a drink or two. The final show was a mix of fashion and music and before heading off to the Fashion Excess show we stopped off for cocktails, which I necked before taking any pictures but you will have to trust me when I say they were good!

This was very much like a gig and I don't really go to see live music very often so this was most exciting. Playing were two local bands both of which seem to have got Rankin under their spell with Crystal Bats being featured (and applauded) on Rankin's Hunger TV and Evan Jones of band Keep Up recently gracing the cover of Hunger Magazine

Some images from my phone so not the best but the show was fab and the models were amazing (again) 

It was such a good end to the week. You can see loads of amazing images from the night over on the Norwich Fashion Facebook page and if you want to keep in the know about Norwich Fashion Week 2015 bookmark the NFW website! ;)

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Norwich Fashion Week 2014 Catch Up

So finally I feel that I've almost caught up with myself after Norwich Fashion Week 2014. I could have done without spending a week in bed ill, but on the plus side in between sleep and a lemsip marathon I finally got to read March's edition of Vogue and being ill is the perfect excuse to re-watch some Poirot and Murder She Wrote.

 There's still a few things to update, more amazing images from the NFW photographers still keep coming in and there's little bits and pieces still left to sort out but my to do list is beginning to look slightly less like I want to run away every time I look at it......I have a bit of a back log of posts for this here blog though, so normal service shall now resume so I can get through them all.

So here's The Designers Show. ALWAYS one of my favourites. When I was little I was always drawing dresses and hats and had I have gone on to study textiles at college as I chose (plans changed!) who knows..... I love seeing the creativity from the local designers and this show also showcases Norwich City Colleges own label Cocoon which is by the colleges textile students, so Norwich (I'm biased I know) really does have a lot to be proud of.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have spotted a spontaneous group selfie of me, Fabulous Miss K and Frances on of the amazing models on the night. 

Nice goody bag for this show too! These marshmallows from Macarons and More we're yumtatsic and the noodles from Bare Naked Noodles (as seen on Dragon's Den) are like some kind of miracle noodle with hardly any calories. As a noodle fan this is good news as this will surely leave more calories for wine yes? 

What also made me whoop about the evening was that I saw that an image from shoot I styled hair and make up on for The Norwich Resident, being used by Marian Eve Williams; the designer that provided some of the clothes for the feature and who was also show casing on the evening, on her business cards. Exciting! 

There's oodles of images from this show over on the Norwich Fashion Facebook page if you fancy having a browse.

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