The Lust List

Not a reference to beautiful men, although Eddie Redmayne would definitely be included (just saying) but this is about gorgeous things I've been lusting after lately. Top of the list is a long lusted pair of Louboutin's...........

I question if I'd feel guilty wearing a £400 pair of shoes and I'm curious to know if they're just as uncomfy as any other pair of killer heels...... but they are soooo beautiful. I love the cut away to highlight the arch of the foot, such a classic shape that would look just as wonderful with an evening dress as it would with a pair of jeans and a blazer. Swooon indeed.

christianlouboutin.com £395

I never knew I *needed* a Jessica Rabbit style red sparkly dress until I saw this one on BrandAlley, only to click to select a size to find they only have size 10s left..........


But I love it! As always before checking the size availability I was visualising hair and makeup. Deep side parting, soft waves..........lashings of red lipstick. Who better to take styling advice from than Jessica herself?

BrandAlley £59.63

When it comes to Orla Kiely, I don't even know where to start, I've been following London Fashion Week on the various forms of social media and so many Kiely styles have made let out a little sigh. Such super classic cuts, timeless yet on trend. Not that I follow trends I just like what I like, and I like Orla Kiely's styles. A lot.

This has Mad Men written all over it. A pretty put simple hair up,something with a 60s vibe but very classic and chic, not too outlandish. A nice pair of black courts..... sigh, in my head I am totally wearing this dress right now!

orlakiely.com was £348 £174

Whilst I have a lot of hair, it's quite fine, and now that I'm bleached up, I've realised that the long flowing locks I had when I was brown/red, just isn't going to happen. My hair is now in the worst shape ever, but I love the blonde so that's a choice I have to make. 

Personally I'm not a fan of hair extensions, be they fake or human (and I'm certainly unsure how I feel about human hair extensions) but Annabelle's wigs have a good range of non human hair clip in half wigs that range in price, but towards the upper end you can buy ones which you use heated appliances on making them quite a versatile accessory.

Many celebrities we see with full swooshy locks have the help of clip in hair pieces. I'm really liking this one. Annabelle's also have a really useful tool to help you to colour match too.

Annabelle's wigs £70
I wrote about the wow factor of this dress over on norwichfashion.co.uk and the designer William Wilde does deserve a dedicated Missy Vintage post, but until then this is on  my lust list. My girl crush is Dannii and I have adored her for may years, but Kylie wooed me in this dress big time. I just adore it, but realistically I'm not going to look like Kylie in it .......so this one will probably stay a day dream BUT I'm getting a bit of a William Wilde fix in the form of an over sized latex neck bow. I pick it up next weekend. Watch.This.Space

Copyright: PA Image Joel Ryan/Invision.
 Source: digitalspy.co.uk
I can blame this next item on Lisa who blogs over on Snoodlebug, she posted this on her Facebook page and I've not been able to stop thinking about it. Pockets! I love skirts and dresses with pockets. I like teaming pencil skirts with t-shirts, it's a good look but I especially like this leather skirt and tshirt combo which adds a twist to a smart casual look.

ASOS £90

And finally clogs........ another item that I stumbled across on social media....Swedish Hasbeens... My style has evolved a lot over the last 12 months (probably best saved for another post!) I just adore this look. Have socks and sandals ever looked so good? It has a vintage/alternative/interesting look but in a more eclectic way than era driven fashion and right now that does sort of feel like the fashion path I've found myself on........

Visit Swedish Hasbeens
Picture source: Swedish Hasbeens Facebook page

What are you lusting after right now?

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Vintage Glamour in The Maids Head Hotel

In a previous post I mentioned a recent shoot I worked on which had us running through corridors in the oldest hotel in the UK. Dating back over 800 years The Maids Head proudly sits in one of Norwich's most historic areas - Tombland.

Now it's fair to say, it's not been modernised to swanky minimalist standards, it's still what you might picture when you think of a traditional hotel, but with it's historic wood panelled function rooms and some of the bedrooms having amazing features like beams and fireplaces, it was lovely to be able to get inside and play! 

About 13 hours after leaving my house, several hours of styling and many outfit changes, some of us finally sat down for a well earned glass of wine in the bar to have a debrief of how the day had gone. I wish we'd worn pedometers because I bet those constant trips up and down stairs and down long corridors really added up, but when you're working with lovely people and some amazing fashions it doesn't really feel like work....... 

We can't reveal many images yet as some are to be revealed in the official Norwich Fashion Week mini mag and more are reserved for publication in another magazine, but I should have lots to share with you over the next few months from this and several other shoots I've been working on. 

The NFW mini mag looks set to be a great little read and will be going out to lots of businesses in Norwich, it will also available at all four main fashion shows.

Some of the images we can reveal so far and some sneaky looks behind the scenes....

Photograph courtesy of Joe Black
Photograph courtesy of Joe Black
Photograph courtesy of Joe Black

Photography: Joe Black assisted by Milda Black 
Fashion: Vintage Deli/Back In Time/Betsy Hatter/Fabulous Miss K/Prim/Retreat Vintage
Styling: Fabulous Miss K assisted by Abi Gray
Hair/makeup: Missy Vintage assisted by Gemma Sampson-Munday
Models: Beckie, Grace, Heather and Jake 
Location: The Maids Head Hotel 

A little look behind the scenes

Behind the scenes photos by Missy Vintage

I can't wait to reveal more! If you fancy visiting the four main fashion shows or any other of the many events happening during Norwich Fashion Week, which runs 6-13th March 2014 then visit the official NFW website for further details. 

Over on the NFW website you can also read about another NFW shoot I styled last year along with some of my top tips for buying vintage
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News Flash - Valentine's Dress Discount

I was asked to style hair and makeup for a photoshoot by the Fabulous Miss K for some autumn inspired images for her dress collection. You've probably seen me mention this collection before, Karen launched them at Norwich Fashion Week 2013 and in the months that followed she worked tirelessly to get them manufactured in the UK. Having designed the dresses herself and naming one of the styles (The Barbara dress) after her mother, seeing Karen finally bring the dresses was both wonderful and inspiring.

I should probably add a disclaimer here and say that I am friends with Karen (aka Fabulous Miss K) and that you can often find us sharing a bottle of wine, but they are genuinely lovely dresses and I've worked on shoots and shows with models of various shapes and ages and the styles really do look adorable. My favourite dress is the stripy Barbara dress, but I'm a sucker for nautical and a dress with pockets will never fail to excite me! 

But I digress......... some behind the scenes from the shoot 

The dresses are £135 but with until Valentines discount you can get 15% off! Be quick!

More pretty dress pictures...... 

photography by Joe Black

photography by Joe Black

Photoshoot Credits

Fashion/styling - Fabulous Miss K
Photography - Joe Black
Hair/makeup - Missy Vintage
Shimmy on over to shop for dresses. If you have just sat down at your computer and this page has been left open, it's open for a reason.... so click to visit the shop! 

More behind the scenes over on my Facebook page
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Norwich Fashion Week 2014 - The Vintage Show

I mentioned Norwich Fashion Week in my last post, today I bring you news of The Vintage Show. I've said it before and I will say it again,we are so very lucky here in Norwich that we are a city of many scenes. 

With a rich history of culture and having not one but two universities (one of which is dedicated to the arts) Norwich has always had lots going on. Our vintage scene is an excitingly active one which you can enjoy regardless of how in to vintage you are. Maybe you like the music and style of a certain era or just like to rock some vintage style hair with your not remotely vintage New Look dress, Norwich has something for you. 

Last year I was invited to join the Norwich Fashion Week team, and ever since it's been a diary full of meetings and planning for 2014. I worked behind the scenes quite a a bit at last years Fashion Week and that was flipping hard work, but being really really behind the scenes has given me a totally different respect for a week I already loved. The effort the city puts in to making Fashion Week happen is just unbelievable.

One years work for one week of events. It's incredibly exciting, and is a brilliant week for Norwich, but there is so much going on for the other 51 weeks of the year to pull that 1 week together and Norwich businesses really pull out the stops to put on some great events, so if you're in Norwich 6-13 March visit NFW events page and see what takes your fancy.

This year I'm organising The Vintage Show with the help of the suitably named Fabulous Miss K and with the arena for this vintage style visual feast being the Norwich Puppet Theatre, a Grade 1 listed medieval building, it seemed only fitting there was a touch of theatrical drama. So this year The Vintage Show is getting a bit of a shake up and it will be vintage with a dash of avant garde.  

Photography by Joe Black
Think gorgeous and wearable vintage styles, but say goodbye victory rolls and hello to styling that's more Westwood meets Marie Antoinette....which will be created with the talents of a hair and makeup team from the Jackie Hamilton Beauty School. Plus there's a special appearance from Natalya Umanska......  We think it's going to be brilliant!

The Vintage Show takes place on Sunday 9th March and tickets are £10 including a goody bag. Doors open at 7pm and show time starts at 7:30pm. After the show don't head home, stay and have drinks with us! 

 I'm always a fan of cocktails on any day that has a Y in it and we have the Norwich Cocktail Club mixing up something special to help you enjoy our after party in the form of a special NFW Blue Skies Lounge, with vintage tunes by DJ Three Bits of Rhythm.

Madame Deroubaix's travelling chocolate boutique will be on hand to sweeten the evening and recording it all with a special pop-up  photo booth will be Michael Lyons, who is dusting off his tux especially!

What to wear? Sunday Best! Floor length and fabulous, micro and magnificent, it's up to you. Chaps, dig out those cravats or release your American Hustle medallions, the choice is yours! We'll be awarding the two best dressed guests on the night with special goody bags crammed with exclusive prizes! 


Just be sure to get your evening recorded in our photo booth! I can't wait to see the pictures!!

 The shoot we did to promote the show involved us running around in the oldest hotel in the UK. More on that to come next time!

So fancy coming to The Vintage Show? Get your tickets here!

You can also follow Norwich Fashion Week on 
Twitter #nwchfw
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Hello February

I'm not sure I'm ready for a new month already, I'm still wondering where January went..... 2014 has got off to a crazy start and there was me thinking this year would be calmer. Famous last words..... 

The blog may have been quieter than usual last month but that wasn't because I wasn't doing anything, I did ease back in to the new year with a few days off but apart from that it's been very full on so far this year. The plus side of spraining my foot and ankle (same leg, still unsure if that's lucky or not) was that for two days I was forced to stop, but did I lay for hours with my foot on ice watching old films? No I was checking emails, researching for shoots and sorting out my portfolios. Who else is really really bad at not being able to switch off?..... 

So this month I've promised myself that I'm going to work try to a schedule, which I started doing at the start of the year for about a week, I'd turn off the laptop by 7:30pm and not come back to work related matters as much as I could until the next day. That lasted a week! I am officially rubbish at switching my brain off. As the stranger in Tesco's will confirm when I suddenly had an idea for something and before I knew it jazz hands were happening. Public bursts of excitement are a bit like falling over. When they happen and you're with friends it's a lot less embarrassing....

The stranger was no less startled when I smiled, rolled my eyes and said "photoshoot idea!" I was wearing head phones so technically I shouted at him...... 

So a sneaky peek at one of the things I've been up to this year (and I still haven't done a highlights of 2013, thank goodness for throwback Thursdays....) The main three words coming our of my mouth are Norwich Fashion Week, more details to come on that very soon (although if you can't wait for that, there's a new tab on the top of the blog) but because I know (like me) you all like a sly looksy behind the scenes, here is a look behind the first of January's photoshoots...

We have an amazing shop in Norwich called Aladdin's Cave on Magdalen Street. It's well worth a browse if you live in or visit the city. It's a whole two floors of curiosities. Last year we used the shop to create images to promote the shop on the back page of the Norwich Fashion Week magazine and this year, we got to do the same. Yey!

 Essentially it's like being in a museum after hours, we created a scene from furniture and the various wondrous knick knacks. It's like the kind of shopping trip you dream about as we walk around saying "let's take this, yep we'll have that, and that, ooo what about this?" sadly it all goes back a t the end, but for a while at least you feel like the queen of shopping!  The least glam side is that it is actually us that has to lug it from one side of the shop to the other.


Official images by Joe Black  coming soon and oodles of Norwich Fashion Week updates to fill you in on. The count down has begun! 

Meet The Shoot Team
Photographer- Joe Black assisted by Milda Black
Stylist - Fabulous Miss K
Hair & makeup - me

Models -
Leading lady and gent bring their James Bond like uber coolness to the set were Nakita and Jake.
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