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I'm not an expert on Men's fashion but I do take an interest in it, I quite like the beaten up converse look but there are times when a good classic brogue is the ultimate finishing touch for the dapper gent about town. Working with Norwich Fashion Week has given me a real glimpse behind the scenes in to the world of retail and whilst I'm quite eclectic with my own personal style, it's very interesting to be looking at trends and seasons. 

Mr Selfridge has proved a fascinating televisual feast and the history of retail throws up some interesting tales. Shops with a long standing family history might not be as plentiful on the high street now, but they are still there. Today's post come from Rebecca on behalf of Charles Clinkard a footwear retailer which began with a husband and wife team in Middlesbrough back in 1924. You can read more about the story of Charles and Eveline Clinkard here  

Here are Rebecca's predictions and recommendation's on chaps footwear

Many of us girls have a slight shoe obsession and rightly so. Wearing the right pair of shoes can say a lot about you as a person. First impressions count and trust me, you don’t want to be remembered for the wrong reasons, like your fashion choices. Here are a few pairs of shoes that will ensure you look fantastic and leave a lasting impression:

Oxford Brogue Shoes
Brogues have made a reappearance once again this year, adding a modern twist to a classic design. These beautiful Barker Oxford brogues, available from Charles Clinkard, have exquisite detailing at and a high quality finish that are bound to capture everyone’s attention when you walk into a room.


When choosing shoes, many are quick to buy a classic black pair. When it comes to brogues, it’s best to choose a warm colour like brown, to show the decades of character that’s built in this style of shoe. They will also work well with light and dark denim jeans or, if you want a little more pizzazz, a sharp suit. 
To help, here’s a small insight into a girl’s mind on what a man’s shoes say about him, according to us, by the Huffington Post.

Slip on Shoes
Like every woman needs a little black dress, every man needs a good pair of black shoes. With their convenient style and on-trend design, it’s unsurprising that the slip on shoe is popular with men.

The formal men’s crocodile slip on shoes, from the barker footwear range at Charles Clinkard, are made with specialist adhesives that bend the upper sole to ensure flexibility and comfort when worn. They will complete any outfit, whether it’s casual jeans, work trousers or a dapper suit. The slip on shoe has also seen a huge revival with fashionistas seeking an 80s retro look, with the trend for socks being on display and trousers rolled ankle high, proving the slip on shoe has become a favourite through the generations.

Lace up Shoes
If you’re looking for a more laid-back style, lace up shoes are the right mix of casual and formal. The Barker Pitney lace up shoes in the colour cedar, works well for daytime wear, as they’ll complement light or dark pair of jeans perfectly. 
If you’re going out for the evening and don’t want to over-dress by wearing a suit, pair with a white crisp shirt, to highlight the colour of the shoes. The yellow undertones create a warm earthy glow that will capture people’s attention and you’re bound to receive a few compliments. Personalise the look with a cravat or a bow tie and you can add dash of your own personality to a very classic look. 

*written in collaboration with Charles Clinkard

Do you think shoes say a lot about a person?

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