Dinner and Cocktails at Las Iguanas Norwich

I don't know about you, but my idea of a good night out normally revolves around food and booze. Nights of wild dancing are few and far between as these these days noisy clubs are mainly replaced with dinner out a good bottle of vino. 

I have a few firm favourite places to eat in Norwich, we're lucky to have some incredible small independent restaurants along with many big chains so for a small city I genuinely feel we have lots to offer. 

Las Iguanas has arrived in  Norwich and they kindly invited me along to join them for dinner and cocktails. Now I've never heard of this restaurant before so I had to pop over to their website for a looksie at the menu to see what they were all about, and it's all about Latin food that's what. Oh and cocktails....

Red wine and cocktails is normally a risky combination but we fared well the next day which I can only put down to the fact the portions here are so generous so it all got well soaked up...

We started with the Nachos and the squid, both of which were amazing.

Now I am not a cocktail expert. I can't really offer any guidance of notes, flavour combinations etc. I like drinking them, and I know ones I like and ones I wouldn't have again... so all I can do is let you know I researched the list well and liked them all... 

The signature cocktail is the CAIPIRINHA 
Fresh lime wedges, muddled with sugar, folded with our
own Magnifica cacha├ža & crowned with crushed ice. So a little like a Mojito I think?

I can't remember what this one was but what I can tell you is that those delicious looking little strips are NOT pineapple. They are strips or RAW GINGER. I repeat it is not pineapple! What a shame there is no video footage of me biting down on what I thought was pineapple. This wasn't even my drink. That will teach me.  
 If you like your cocktails like puddings  the Crema Chido is for you - a blend of Mexican liqueurs. Xta, with honey & aniseed flavours, shaken with Kahlua, cream & almond syrup. 

So the food was great, the cocktails were delicious but what about the restaurant itself? I loved the decor! 

We had such a great evening, it was good to go somewhere we might otherwise have not visited and we would definitely go here again. The staff were really lovely and so friendly.  It's also worth mentioning that there's a good choice of vegetarian and gluten free options so fab for group evenings out. The vibe is very busy, loudish music and low light, potentially noisy diners and choruses of happy birthday - so not for a quiet romantic meal for me this one, but for a relaxed or fun packed evening out, then I will keep this one on my list! 

You can find Las Iguanas at Riverside which is just a few minutes walk from the train station, so handy if you want to come in to Norwich for an evening out and want to make the most of that cocktail list.....

If you're not in Norwich and are not planning a visit (why not? It's so nice!) then you can see a huge list of other restaurant locations here

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