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How are your December's going? Personally I'm finding this month pretty tough. There's been some fantastic highs but some pretty terrible lows which I won't bore you with, but if you are also finding this month pretty hard going so far, just know that you are not alone! I'm beginning to feel quite 'done' with 2014 and ready for a nice shiny fresh new year. 

Fortunately there are little treats out there to cheer us up and to help boost that mojo. These don't always mean taking a hammer to that piggy bank and whilst all that glitters may not be gold of the 18ct variety, a bit of metallic glam is always good for the soul, yes?!

New Look got in touch to ask if I'd like to receive a mystery party bag from them which would contain some surprise treats - all I had to do was use the contents to dress up an outfit I already had. 
*bag, necklace & cosmetics c/o New Look


Party season is a great time to get experimental. I picked up this petticoat in a charity shop for 50p a month or so ago (yes 50p) and thought it would be good for future photoshoots but I loved it so much I actually decided to wear it as a skirt myself. 
It was a bit yellow through age, but instead of trying to clean it up, I decided to give a bath in tea and make it more beige/antique lace looking and I think it's worked pretty well. I've teamed it with a plain black tshirt and a biker jacket so it looks less ballerina and more Sex in the City.

I just can't get enough of 'messy chic' hair at the moment. I'm definitely a 'textured up and undone' kind of gal.

I love statement necklaces (and New Look have some knock out styles at the moment) - they are such a good way to transform a simple top. The chocolate coin shaped bag I am absolutely besotted with - you can't fit an awful lot in it, but a small flat purse, phone, a small set of keys and lippie is all you need...... I guess.... if I say it enough I may begin to stop carrying so much useless stuff with me on a daily basis.
As you can see from the first picture, the New Look lovelies also sent me some makeup to try as well. Have you tried makeup from New Look? 

I hadn't, and although I'd obviously seen it lurking near the tills when I've been in store, I'd never been tempted if I'm honest. There's lots of low priced make up that's good but also lots that isn't so great. Although I thought the items I was sent looked lovely, if I'm honest I wasn't sure if these would be something I'd fall in lust with. 

So I am very flippin excited about how good I actually found every single item I was sent, the prices are excellent and in my opinion, these compare very very well to other brands and not just those in the same price bracket either. 

All of the cosmetics sent to me were each £4.99 or under, making this a budget brand you really need to go in store and explore.

The eyeliner is going to take some getting used to as it's a a stiff sponge applicator and I'm used to using one with a thin bendy brush but crikey this New Look one is an amazing deep black and it's long wearing too. 

The Pure Colour lip gloss is super glossy but not sticky and it lasts pretty well for a gloss. At £3.99 I'll be checking out other colours in this range. 

The absolute star item though are the eyeshadows. This is the 'warm nudes' palette and at £4.99 I am really impressed with these. Sometimes budget eyeshadows can be really powdery and scatter colour all over your cheeks as you apply them to your lids, but so far so good with these. 

There's a fantastic shimmery champagne type colour that doubles up as a gorgeous highlighter and the coral/pink shade makes a good blusher - which means this is a perfect little palette for travelling with. 

It comes with a double ended applicator but I have my own brushes that I always use instead of the ones that come with these sets. 

You can see some of the New Look makeup range online but I really think the best way to see what you think of these is to go in store and play!

Are you doing your Christmas outfits on a budget this year? Now is a good time to have a good dig around in your wardrobe and remind yourself of exactly what you own, how you can mix & match things up and what little additions you could add to give something old that feeling of something new! 


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