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Lipstick, I adore it and I have far more than I probably need. I tend to buy them from all price ranges, there are good budget ones out there but when it comes to a really good red if you can spend a bit more it's usually worth it.

I do have a few firm favourites but am always open to new suggestions so when BigGreenSmile got in touch to ask if I'd like to try a lipstick and that they are specialists in natural,organic and environmentally friendly brands I was intrigued. 

Now I've seen the Dr. Hauschka body care products in shops before, but I had no idea that there was a makeup range too which claims that it 

 'achieves results using cosmetics that are kind and gentle and care for your skin.
While the skin is nourished and protected, rich colours from natural mineral pigments and petal waxes blend effortlessly with your skin tone'

So this is what I've been trying out - and I mean really trying it out. I've been wearing this quite a bit for several weeks - at £20 it falls in to the luxury buy bracket for me, so I want exceptional value for money and I expect it to be very very good. At that price range it's also in the same price bracket as some of the other biggies in the makeup world. 
I chose the shade warm red which turned out to be a shade I'm really enjoying wearing both day and night. 

I've teamed it up with winged eyeliner and a very simple beige eyeshadow for a simple evening look.
The best way I can think to describe the shade is that it's like a dark brick red. 

What the website says about this brand
Dr. Hauschka products have been created out of a deep anthroposophical understanding of nature and the Human Being, and a system developed by Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman in the 1920's. This anthroposophical system underlies modern medicine with a classification of life processes that occur in the body, soul and spirit.
Dr. Hauschka is part of WALA, founded in 1935. The company has a 100% commitment to quality, with no shareholders to compromise that commitment. Dr. Hauschka's ethical trading style has been part of its ethos for over 70 years and it now employs over 600 people and supports  thousands of hectars of environmentally responsible farmland that provides the high quality raw ingredients for its products.

I had no idea this brand had been around for so long. It smells incredible like very light aromatherapy oils but there's no taste that I can notice. It glides on really well. I hate it when lipsticks are chalky and dry. In terms of it's finish it's a little shinier than a typical semi matt but is certainly not glossy. 

Staying power is quite a big thing for me and this has stayed on really well everytime I've worn it and when it has begun to wear off it's worn off really evenly. I tend to wear lipliner with my reds, but gave this a test without but it did bleed a little - I guess that's the oils, but a lipliner worked a treat. 

As a higher priced lipstick this one definitely compares well to the other brands I've tried and I'd recommend this to others. Sometimes lipstick can feel quite drying, but this one feels creamy to wear which is just what I like from a lipstick.

Some tips for working a red lip
Keep lips smooth by using a lip balm/Vaseline on days you're not wearing lipstick. Applying some at night before bed is ideal. (The Burts Bees ones are totally fabulous)

Exfoliate, another way to keep lips flake free is to gently brush them with a flannel, an exfoliating glove or a lip scrub. What ever you use be gentle!

If wearing foundation, apply some over your lips too, this gives a good base for your lipstick. 
If you're not wearing foundation then use a little concealer instead.

Use a lip liner that matches or is close to your lipstick, this helps to prevent the lipstick bleeding, and gives a nice crisp line.

If you're trying a bold colour like red for the first time and it scares you, then use your finger to dab on the colour and build the colour up to where you feel comfortable.

Using a a lip brush will help it last longer but after a few drinks it is actually easier to just just slick it on straight from the tube (just being honest here!)

After application blot the lips with a tissue and reapply, do this once or as many times as you like. This process is layering the colour and helping your pout stay painted for longer.

Finally - when buying a lipstick think about the finish you want, glossy lipstick won't last as long as a matt finish. 

So who are BigGreenSmile? If you're after natural products from makeup and body care to heath care and cleaning products then this is pretty much a one stop shop. There's a huge variety of brands on this site so the choice is vast. Whilst not a vegan myself I know a lot of people who are and there's a massive choice of vegan products on this website including lip balms, soaps, deodorants, perfumes and face and body lotions and potions.

They're also an award winning company having been BigGreenSmile has been selected as a winner of the prestigious 2014 Soil Association Organic Awards. We have been selected as the the winner of the Best Independent Retailer category

Pop over to the website and take a look at the Dr. Hauschka lipsticks or visit the homepage for a browse

*written in collaboration with BigGreensmile*


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