Christmas flowers from Appleyard London

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have noticed that I recently received some rather beautiful cream roses. 

Appleyard London got in touch to ask I'd like to receive one of their Christmas bouquets and share a special discount code with you all. Read on........

I was going to tell you all about these last week, but then I thought a week nearer to Christmas might be better as I'm sure many of you are now at the stage of organising your gift list with military like precision.

 Then it occurred to me that today is Black Friday. A phenomenon that has swept the country by storm and some people right off their feet. Literally in some cases.........

Fortunately Appleyard London are on hand to bring a box of prettiness straight to your door with their supertastic flower delivery service

Given the choice of a bouquet from their Christmas flowers range I chose the one with roses, berries and gold eucalyptus. How pretty is it?

 I *absolutely* love roses - not because I'm romantic, but because when they die they dry out and go papery and they still look beautiful. 

When they get to the papery stage, they are great for crafts such as delicate hair pieces, adding to home-made soaps, tear the petals off and you have the most beautiful confetti or decorations to scatter on tables etc- or even just leave them sitting in a vase.

 I can guarantee you that in 6 months time I will still have these in the house in some form. 

Someone tell me I'm not the only person who keeps dead flowers?..........

But how do they arrive? I wondered this at first myself. From the first click through to the website I was thinking 'ooooooooooo' it really does feel like a luxury brand, the flower arrangements are utterly stunning and I was and still am quite wowed. 

I'm already picking my next bouquet....

They arrive in a sturdy but branded cardboard box which acts as a gift box and also keeps the flowers safe. 

Inside the box the flowers are well protected with bubble wrap which is placed to protect the flowers without loosing any wow factor when you open the box. The stems are snugly held in a small plastic pot which keeps them watered too.  

The bouquet I chose is £39.99 but I have a discount code for you which would take this down to just under £24.......... how.amazing.is.that?!

There's a gorgeous range of Christmas flowers in a variety of colours and the good news is you get a whopping 40% discount with the code BLOG40 

Unlike today's 'here for a day' discount , Appleyard London want to help you share the love without breaking the bank for more than one day - so at the moment there is no end date for this discount code so go forth and enjoy it!

Give flowers as a gift for Christmas, as a thank you for that crimbo lunch or just to say MWAH to someone. Or how about this for an idea? Get yourself some flowers as a way to just be nice to yourself! 

I used to treat myself to flowers a lot, put when you have to cut back on things, it's those little 'me' buys such as flowers, that sometimes have to go. However do you know what? I'm sure I appreciate them so much more now than I used to. I'll be treating myself to another one of these Christmas bouquets for the holidays. I just need to choose which one.....

****Remember to enter the code BLOG40  to get an amazing 40% discount! ****
Just so you know this discount does not apply to flowers by post

By the way, someone remember to ask me about these roses in 6 months time! They will either still be in the house somewhere or will have been used for something creative.....

written in collaboration with Appleyard London

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