A Faux Fur #WinterWarmer with Kaleidoscope

Anyone who has been following my Missy Vintage adventures for a while will know that I'm a huge fan of faux fur so when Kaleidoscope got in touch to to ask me if I would like to try out something from their new winter collection my heart was soon lost to another faux fur coat.... but this time in a shade of aubergine so I can *totally* justify adding another to my winter coat selection because I don't have one in this colour...... fashion purchase logic at it's best...... 

We've been pretty lucky in the UK so far this autumn as it's been ridiculously mild but the days are slowly beginning to nip and the dark nights are well and truly here and whilst I miss the warm days and nights, a good winter coat does mean you'll always have the warmth with you even when there's no sun to be seen. 

Since I started this blog four years ago my style has really evolved. I'm much more adulterous with the eras I choose to take my inspiration from and happily cherry pick style ideas, mixing and matching across the decades and really playing with mixing the old and the new. 

The colder, darker days can really make you want to stay indoors, but the fabulous thing about living in Norwich city centre is it's small enough to walk everywhere I pretty much need to go BUT being cold is not fun and that's why I think owning at least one decent winter coat is a wardrobe essential. Like my vintage faux furs, this Kaleidoscope one has a large collar that's perfect for snuggling down in to and will it be wonderfully glamorous armour against those really cold biting winter winds.
We go for lots of walks around Norwich, sometimes it's a nine miler around a local lake (although not in cowboy boots!) and other times it's a more leisurely stroll along the river and through town (these strolls get even better when it involves Christmas lights and hot chocolate!) I love getting bundled up and not letting the chilly days stop me getting out there and seeing what fabulousness the day/night has to offer. 
All my other faux fur coats are vintage so this Kaleidoscope one is my first 'new' one. This one is incredibly toasty to wear without feeling overly bulky and I've had several people comment on the colour. It's a beautiful shade of aubergine-purple, so it's a super alternative to the more typical blacks and browns and allows you to introduce colour without having to go down the route of bold brights. 

I worked on a photo shoot last year and we put an purple and orange outfit together and it may sound like an odd combination but it looked fantastic, so I'm going to look out for some orange gloves/mittens to go with this purple furry sensation of a coat.

The coat is *very* soft to the touch and fastens up with hooks (which are also pretty much exactly the same in design as my vintage coats) and it is very light to wear. It has two decent sized pockets and it's worth mentioning that at 5'2 I'm below average height so if you're taller the coat will obviously fall higher up your thigh.
This coat retails at £95 but is currently reduced to £85 and is available in sizes 10-22. It's very generously sized, I ordered a 14 with a slight fear that it would still be too small over the chest but actually I could easily have gotten a way with a 12. The vertical lines add a real nod to old style glamour but I'd wear this with all kinds of outfits - including dungarees, converse and a top knot! 

YOUR style is what YOU make it, so go and enjoy it! 

 You can visit the coat on the website here

Visit the Kaleidoscope website, you can follow their #WinterWarmer campaign over on Twitter

Are you a faux fur fan?


  1. I love it on other people but maybe I should be braver! I love how you have styled this with your typical Missy V twist :)

  2. This coat looks stunning! I am sure it will look great with orange gloves :)

  3. I do really like faux fur, the faker the better. If I look like I've skinned and am wearing a muppet, I call it a win. Sadly, my last faux fur coat died last winter, and I'm on the hunt for something fun and new. I don't live in Britain, so the one your modeling here with such 70s aplomb wouldn't work for me, but I'm hoping I'll be able to thrift something cool.


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