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Earlier in the year I mentioned a new magazine called In Retrospect and if you follow me on twitter you may have seen me mention recently that the team behind the magazine are longing to take it to print and have started a Kickstarter campaign in a bid to bring the dream to life. 

I was thrilled to be asked to write for this magazine and I was double (triple, quadruple) thrilled when I was actually being asked to write about photographers, because you'll know if you've followed me for a while I love photography (so much that I've just started uni to study a BA, but more news on that later!) 

I wrote an article on photographer Vivian Maier, which by the end of my research I was actually writing notes through tears, admittedly I am an emotional Minnie, but this lady's story is fascinating and I still haven't decided how I feel about the work and life of a deeply private person being exposed when she is no longer alive to give her permission but the work is a wonderful body of social history. It's an interesting story and you can read my thoughts on it here 

What I liked about this magazine idea when creator Mat Keller (Also the creator of The Southern Retro Project) approached me with it, was that it wasn't just a magazine for women (which a lot of magazines especially vintage ones tend to be) and it also wasn't just aimed at men either. So here we have an opportunity to help launch a magazine that we can all enjoy.

If like me you like to read in the bath, you'll appreciate the beauty of a good traditional paper magazine. Yes the pages will get wrinkly from the steam and yes you may even drop it in the bubbles and have to dry it off on the radiator, but there's nothing like a magazine you can flick through rather than scroll, something you can roll up and put in your bag and actually read and be away from a computer screen!  

If you'd like to pop on over an have a browse at the first three issues of In Retrospect online then they are all there waiting for you for FREE. If you feel it's something you'd like to support to help get in to print then you can pledge as little as  £1 (which if you've just read three free issues you can even think of it as like leaving a tip!) 

With Kickstarter no money gets taken from your account unless the target is reached, which is why I like this system. 

I'll leave you with Mat's description of the magazine as it sums up just how varied the content is perfectly.

Covering vintage fashion & style, music, dancing, history, culture, furniture, design, technology, transport and much more – our aim is to provide a magazine that not only encompasses every part of the vintage lifestyle but caters for the tastes of anyone and everyone with a penchant for days gone by.


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