What I wore #VintageFriday for Oxfam

Today I was planning to show you a few bargains I've picked recently but as I mentioned last week Oxfam teamed up with Dawn O'Porter of #ThisOldThing to try and raise funds by having a #VintageFriday

Those of you who have been following for a while will know I'm a huge fan of shopping in charity shops. I would say a large proportion of my fashion is purchased from them. I love it when someone says they like my top/dress etc and I'm like "oh thanks £2.50!" I've worn charity shops buys to some pretty swanky affairs and events and I'll happily tell anyone who asks I bought it from a charity shop.

My About Me page tells the tale of my first piece of second hand clothing I actually bought myself and that was a 70s mans blazer which I am GUTTED I didn't keep. I was fifteen and I loved it. It was lovingly pinned with badges on the lapels and I wore it to school even though girls didn't wear blazers and I took so much abuse for that blazer. Showing my age here....this was the early 90s - and anyone who grew up in that time will know what I mean when I say the phrase "Did your mum get that from Oxfam??!" That was such a phrase of my youth and it was a bad bad bad thing to have sneered at you in the corridor.

I've had a few bargain buys recently including my new fave 80s blouse which along with a pair of black skinny jeans made up my #VintageFriday outfit.
Blouse £2.75 - Charity Shop
Jeans - Primark

No filter on this photo so you can see just how amaze the pink is. I love pussybow blouses. You can also see here that any surface is a dressing table in my house...
As you can also see my hair is blue.... I popped to Salon Services to grab some blue Crazy Colour but decided against blue and opted for lilac instead. It did however come out blue.... news on that in another post, although you can join me on Blue Hair Watch over on my Instagram.
Did you take part in the Oxfam campaign



  1. Hi there!! Loving your blouse, such a fab find and the colour is gorgeous!! You hair is pretty amazing too! xx

  2. Love the blouse! Nice post! :)



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