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 I've had loving admiration for satchels for quite some time. I've had a few cheapy ones which were really only fleeting relationships as they're now long gone due to breaking straps. Cheap bags are good for fast fashion (and bad in many other ways, I know) but when it comes to a good classic, dare I say iconic style like the satchel, perhaps it's worth investing more?

 I'd been eyeing up satchels for a while now, waiting to take the plunge, so when Cut Make Trim contacted me to ask if I'd like to review a bag from them, I was really excited to see that amongst their designs were several sizes of satchel.

I wasn't familiar with the company so it was really good to learn that the bags are made here in the UK by a small team of craftspeople. Task one was to choose the satchel size. I chose the largest (15") so I could fit my laptop into it. The website has a helpful description of the bags which was really useful - this is the description for the 15" (whereas the next size down the description mentions an A5 notepad) I found this much easier to imagine the right size for my needs and it saved me digging a tape measure out.

This is the biggest satchel of our range. Perfect for carrying any laptop up to 15”, it is easy to fit a lot into this satchel. We put the same amount of detail into this size satchel as the rest of our satchels. The size of this satchel makes it ideal to take to university or work.
Dimensions: 290 x 400 x 140mm weight 1455g

The bag I chose the colour in real life is much more vibrant

I do carry A LOT of stuff around with me most of the time. Too much to be honest but carrying it around in a satchel has definitely made it all a more organised form of chaos, the shape of satchels acts as sort of filing cabinet and the quality/thickness of the leather prevents the bag from losing it's shape. 
This size bag also comes with a handle too which is useful and also adds a briefcase feel to the satchel, which makes it feel like it has two looks for the price of one. Colour wise the choice is crazy, there are so many to choose from, after changing my mind several times I settled on royal blue. 

I didn't want to review this in an 'I love my new bag' way so I've put this through it's paces, it's been on train journeys, to London Graduate Fashion Week, thrown in the back of the car, taken to meetings, to cafes and pubs.... so it's been pretty much a 'go to' bag rather than one that's saved for best. The strap is quite long for me at 5'2 but I've tied a knot in it which is something I often have to do anyway so it's not a big deal.

Budget is all relative and if you can easily spend hundreds on a bag then £94 isn't a lot of money, but if your budget for fashion is far less, then of course £94 feels like a lot, but for a bag that will last you potentially a lifetime, it's an investment that's worth it in my opinion. 

Outfit post out take.....

Cut Make Trim also sell at Covent Garden every Saturday and Sunday at the Jubilee Hall Craft Market so if you're that way go check them out, alternatively you can shop online with free delivery. I'm super tempted to get a small satchel or a saddlebag style for evenings and days where I could get away with a smaller bag. 


My dilemma is do I go for a classic colour or something that adds a pop of colour?....hmmmm....I do love the yellow...

Written in collaboration with Cut Make Trim. Visit the website

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  1. Love the bag! I've been looking for a cute bag, big enough to fit my laptop in for college, looks perfect! xx


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