Flashback - June on Instagram

This year is going by scarily fast, if it wasn't for things like instagram, I'm not sure I'd have much recollection of the days at all, this wonderful little app has become my visual journal. I hope June was a good month for you. For me it began with a trip to London for Graduate Fashion Week.

I watched Bath and Norwich University of the Arts showcase and it was just fabulous, such an exciting experience. I always loved fashion and spent many happy hours as a youngster filling sketchbooks up with designs. It's really made me think I should actually learn to sew, which I've been promising myself since..... forever....

June was also about photoshoots, styling, a bit of fun including a tipsy lunch and train journey and about 12 hours of non stop chat with my fashion buddy, a catch up over dinner with a dear friend (with the bonus of finding there were oysters on the  menu) but generally it's been a busy one and my social life has definitely been put on hold a bit as I juggle work and finishing my projects for my photography course. June ended with an incredible flight over Norfolk in an original Dakota DC9, but more about that next week......

 Oh and I can't forget that on the last day of June I discovered that my favourite cafe in Norwich Pandora's Kitchen serves peanut butter on toast for breakfast, this month has been pretty jam packed and I was having a breakfast meeting when I looked at the menu, sometimes it really is the little things in life that make you smile and on this day it was something as simple as a good pot of tea and the comfort of peanut butter on toast.

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