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One of the fashiony related questions that's been asked of me a lot over the last few months has been about corsets and a large proportion of these questions have come from brides on budgets so I thought a blog post might be helpful if you are looking to wear a corset on you wedding day or special occasion.

I've worked with Corsets UK a lot over the space of a couple of years, I own corsets from this company and have run giveaways and as mentioned previously, they also dressed the hostesses for the Norwich Fashion Week Vintage Show

If you have a budget that affords you a bespoke corset then there are many talented designers out there who can create something unique for you but if you can't or don't have the money to spend then Corsets UK have an absolutely massive range so I thought I'd do a blog post on some of the ranges available that I think make this a good brand to have on your radar, they also offer a very good range of sizes too.

Tight budget or want the look without breaking the bank

Firstly worth noting is that lots of the corsets are available under the 3 for the price of 2 offer - perfect for spreading the cost of your bridesmaids outfits PLUS they get something they can wear again.

Secondly there are bargains to be had in the sale, the corsets are already pretty reasonably priced but the sale spreads across the range, so well worth a looksy

Thirdly think corset tops, these are like bustiers, they have plastic boning so won't hold you in as tight as a steel boned corset but they will still create a nice shape. As blogged in other posts, the hostesses at the Vintage Show wore corsets from this range and the evidence shows they looked gorgeous. These particular ones are incredibly pretty and the material is actually quite heavy which combined with the sturdy yet flexible boning kept our gals silhouettes looking fabulous all evening. The detailing is beautiful and the general opinion was that these looked much more expensive than they actually were.

Was £28 now £18 in sizes 8-24

Other corsets in this range include
Was £28 now £20

Steel boned and dressed in white (that sounds like a song lyric....)

You can read about the first time I wore a steel boned corset here and now that I've worn one on numerous occasions I compiled this list of tips for first time corset wearers.
  • Wear the corset as much as possible before and event/occasion. Even just an hour a day is sufficient.
  • The corset will be laced at the back – just lace the corset with as little tension as needed at first. This allows you to get used the sensation of the rigid steel boning and allows the steel to warm up with the heat from your body.
  • Gradually tighten the lacing. this could be after a few hours or it could be over a few days. Only tighten to what’s comfortable. You should be feeling secure but not uncomfortable. You should never be in pain.
  • Over time the corset will adapt to YOUR shape and YOUR curves so this is a piece of clothing that’s unique to you. Don’t let anyone else wear it.
  • Practice wearing it around the house and then just tighten the laces at the back slowly. Slowly is the key!   
Was £75 now £49

Steel boned and unashamedly NOT dressed in white ........

Was £75 now £55
To complete the look you could contact a local seamstress to make you a skirt, if you're handy with a sewing machine even better. You could search the charity shops, free adds, gumtree and look out for bridal shop sales to complete your outfit if you're after that full length bridal look. Pencil skirts never go out of fashion so are always readily available if you're a bride or a bridesmaid going for foxy glam over a more traditional appearance.

Anyone for a steampunk bride?

With many brides taking full creative control over their entire day, weddings have never been so varied and creative, it's often the case that the most unique weddings are the ones that are really based on the personalities of the couple and they've organised the day in a way that really shows who they are. If you're into steampunk or maybe you've decided your wedding day is the day you want to go a bit more alternative then Corsets UK have some real goodies....

Was £39 now £29


So there's a mini round up of corset ideas for your big day from sweet and demure to alternatively lovely. I wore a navy blue pencil dress to get married in so I'm all about wearing whatever it is that makes you feel gorgeous from corsets to pencil dresses and yes, even meringues!


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