A Sunny Weekend Off in #Norwich

I love being busy but after several weeks of juggling various projects I was well in need of a few days off this weekend and I had to be really really strict with myself too as I was not only offered free tickets to go and watch the Norfolk Brawds at roller derby (but I sent friends instead so watch this space for their guest post)  I was also approached to do a phootshoot which I'd have loved to do, but I had to stay strong and remember that I'd promised myself the weekend off.  To help reinforce this I'd made plans to reward myself to lunch at one of my fave little cafes in Norwich Pandora's Kitchen.

The weekend sort of began on Friday, I handed my final work in for my course, so the day started with loading folders, my portfolio and my final project piece which was a photobook of some of my work into the car and dropping that all off before we went and had an end of course lunch. I used Photobox for my photobook by the way and I found it a really user friendly site. Once you're signed up to their newsletter they email lots of offers and savings plus if you go via Top Cashback you can get cash back too.

I haven't blogged about all of the photography work I've been working on as some of it is more fine art than fashion/lifestyle related but here's the full image from my book cover. I will add them to my other Facebook page The Girl and The Camera if you do want to take a look through them, there's a few added already but there are more to come.

This photo of Marie was taken on a styling/photo session I blogged about here .To celebrate the relief of handing it all in on time despite my printer being an utter arse, an evening drink was in order and we had some bargain fizz.

I've been pondering buying some denim dungarees for a while now so when I recently saw these in H&M reduced to £10 from £29.99 I snapped them up and I really really love them. They're a bit different in style for me and I'm so ready for that. My style has really changed over the last 12-18 months, I'm embracing vintage in all kinds of ways from various eras and mixing in a lot more modern. This has definitely been influenced by going blonde, but that's a blog post currently sitting in draft.

I took this about a week ago and my hair is is all freshly blonded up! I always get asked who does my hair so sorry to repeat myself but I know it will come up again!  I get my hair cut & coloured at The Egg. I normally have Rachel who I did my hairdresser training with but she is currently off with her new baby so I'm currently seeing Louise.

It was super sunny on Saturday which meant we could actually sit outside which was just wonderful, I really really needed this long lazy lunch. I also popped in to the charity shop near by and found another Kodak Instamatic camera for £3.99. A brief google showed this model was manufactured between the late seventies and early eighties. It seems to work, these cameras are what we now refer to as point and shoots. It even has a half used 126 film Truprint film in it. I wonder if it has some interesting images from years ago or if it will indeed be people from the charity shop clicking away to test it? I'll keep you posted....



  1. Hasving seen and held your photobook, Two, I can say it's brilliant. Congratulations.

  2. You're killin it in those overalls! Makes me want to try the trend now, too...


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