Staycation: Birmingham

If you follow me on Instagram you'll have noticed that I recently took a trip to Birmingham. It wasn't really a staycation at all, but the change of scenery was most welcome. I arrived well armed with piles of books and I also had my camera, with a plan to roam the streets to do a much needed catchup on some course work. I didn't do a single vintage thing - unless you include sitting in the library reading a book! More to come on that later.

When I didn't have my nose in a book I was either editing images from a recent Fabulous Miss K photo session....

Or out and about enjoying Birmingham city centre.

The busker is Esther Turner and she has the sweetest voice! Visit her FB page

I've taken these on my beloved Nikon d610. I am in love with this camera. FACT!

The hotel had an amazing view

and a decent full length mirror which I really need to rectify at home, because they make posting outfit images so easy. Some Birmingham outfits...

I have loads of these Primark Cami tops, they're so versatile and comfy. The trousers I got from Zara last year, apart from the fact the lining of the pocket ripped right open by the third time I wore them they have been a good wardrobe staple.

This was a recent Topshop sale purchase. At £15 it was a good buy, it's a nice simple shift dress but it does remind me of the type of school uniform I used to see on the Oz soap opera's of my youth. When I scouted for opinions on this via instagram people seemed to agree....

I love a maxi dress,I've had this one for ages, another wardrobe gem that I dread wearing out because I've never found another I like quite as much as this one. The jacket is from French Connection via Very and I'm really glad I bought it in the sale because after a few wears the lining has ripped but I really really like it so didn't want to return it, so I'll live with it and have a wee moan every now and again. See the peep of converse? I now wonder how I ever lived without owning a pair of converse. I wear them with everything from jeans to evening dresses. I just LOVE them.

Messy/lazy girl hair. I love a braid,I'm getting my hair cut a bit shorter soon, but if I had really long hair I'd be playing with braids all the time. 

Amongst my adventures was a trip to the Birmingham Museum and Gallery which was wonderful. Amongst the amazing works of art in this beautiful maze of a building was this teeny tiny corset. The picture does not convey how tiny this was, it looked like it would fit a petite ladies thigh!

I ended the last few hours of my visit to Birmingham in the library. Not because I didn't have enough reading material with me but because it's such an amazing building I wanted to have a look inside and oh my god! Birmingham folk, you are lucky buggers! What an amazing space. Not only is it huge but it's so well designed. It has disco escalators!! 

The problem I sometimes have in Norwich Library is that there is often nowhere to take a book and just sit and read. Birmingham Library is so well laid out there were no issues of personal space and it was so quite, despite the fact there were oodles of people visiting the library because it's a tourist hotspot rather than wanting to select some books. I'm deeply envious! I had a fab time, and I'm hoping that no-one snapped a picture of me sleeping in the egg style chair during my visit to the library... I told you it was a really relaxing atmosphere. Falling asleep whilst reading a book, in a public place gives you a very weird feeling when you suddenly wake up I can tell you *blush*

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  1. I love your photographs! I kind of want to vacay in Birmingham now!

    I live in Brooklyn, and I'm a bit tired of it, but maybe I'm looking at things wrong. I'll grab a camera and see if I can make this place a little magical. Thank you for the inspiration! :)


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