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Photography by Dade Freeman

In Retrospect magazine is refreshing in the sense that it's a magazine not targeting women or men exclusively, it's crammed with lots of interesting articles covering culture, art, fashion and music to name a few that will appeal to anyone with an interest in the past.

One of the creators is Mat Keller, who may sound familiar as I've mentioned him oodles of times on this blog and on Facebook etc because I am a total out and proud super fan of his work. Photography king, the man behind Southern Retro (a portrait project that's built in to a wonderful archive of vintage dressers, including me!) he DJ's, he dances and he's a daddy to two very little people, oh and he recently wrote and directed a film....so when he said he'd like to start a new magazine I wasn't at all surprised!

I didn't immediately throw my hat in the ring to contribute as a writer because so many other people put their hands up that frankly I didn't think there wasn't anything I could offer that wasn't already there and I was and still am, a bit flat out with work so thought I'd share support by being a reader.....

However Mat knows of my adulterous affair with photography and made me an offer to write about a specific female photographer I couldn't refuse (I'm still deciding if he is naughty, cunning or both!) Photography has always had a firm place in my soul and my bookcases are heaving with photography related books, even the new bookcases which is a little concerning....So.... I've written an article about Vivian Maier which you can read in the first issue.

For those not familiar with Maier, she was a lady who took photographs almost her entire life, yet was very secretive about sharing her images and in fact thousands went unprocessed until they were bought at an auction by John Maloof,who had no idea what was on the negatives, but what he discovered pretty much changed his life.

The images contained in that box have gone on to cause a worldwide sensation and Maier has been declared by many as one of the greatest street photographers ever. Here's an extract from my piece called 'Lost and Found' -  head on over to the mag to read more!
With technology feeding the desire of modern society to see the results of our photographic adventures as they happen, it’s hardly surprising the art of traditional photography with film can sometimes feel like a dying skill. Just imagine taking tens of thousands of photographs that are for your eyes only, a collection of images that document the world as you see it but a view that’s not for sharing with anyone else.
Now imagine taking thousands of images as you travel through life and never ever developing the results. Those moments in time, the few seconds it takes to pass a stranger in the street, a brief glimpse into someone else’s day, all captured on film but never relived, never retold, never archived on paper to be touched, turned or explored. 

The first edition is online only and you can read lots of articles for free to give you a good taster, then you can show some love and subscribe! 

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