Norwich Fashion Week 2014 and Lilac Hair

I had every intention off blogging Norwich Fashion Week as it happened but the fact is that organising two events during the week, doing other behind the scenes stuff to promote the week plus attending as many shows and events as possible meant  there simply just wasn't enough hours in the day! 

But what a week! Oh my goodness, the sun shone for us and I've been to some amazing shows (This is where I should probably add a little disclaimer as last year I was invited to join the Norwich Fashion Week board, so I do have direct involvement with the week) 

Deciding what to wear for the opening show ended up being easy. As soon as I tried on a dress from bonprix (which I wrote about here) I knew that was the one. I've also been wanting to play with pastel hair colours for a while. I've used chalks before but have been loving the candy floss colours and fancied a full head of pastelness (which should be a word) but didn't want something permanent. It's taken me months to get to white blonde, I don't want to lose it, just mix up my look a little. 

So after some investigations a few people suggested some temporary colours from Smart Beauty which you can pick up in Savers for £2.99 (a good saving on the RRP of £4.99) Now I note that on the website they say this colour will last 6-12 weeks, but I'm sure that on the box (which I no longer have) the longevity was in washes rather than weeks, I will have to investigate that when next in Savers. 

The colour was out in 3 washes, which was perfect for me but if you wanted something to last a bit longer than that you'd be disappointed. I'm going to try one of the other shades, so will write a full review post, but before you rush out and buy some just note that I needed 4 boxes for my hair that falls just below my shoulders! 

A quick selfie snap before heading out 
I styled my hair in about 5 minutes using my Diva hair straighteners (blog post on those here ) I was washing hair dye off about an hour before I was due to leave the house! As I was rinsing I was taken back to my teen years when this is *exactly* the kind of thing I'd decide to do right before going out. So getting ready at a leisurely pre-show pace wasn't an option (I will get round to doing some of the speedy hair You Tube tutorials I keep threatening you all with....) Lilac hair wasn't going to stop me wearing my new Illamasqua lipstick in Soaked, which is the most amazing shade of orange and I really liked the clash.

No full outfit picture because I met up with some friends for cocktails first and my plans to ask someone to take a picture went right out of my head as soon as I stepped in and clocked the cocktail menu..... (I'm a bad fashion blogger but a good cocktail drinker)

Norwich Cocktail Club created a dedicated NFW cocktail called Orange is the New Black, it was only polite to give it a try, so a few cocktails before the first show of Norwich Fashion Week 2014 beckoned....

The first show of the week was The Retailers Show. This was held in a huge grade 1 building (we have some amazing venues in Norwich that's for certain) This show is all about Norwich's independent retailers and the high street. With some new brands joining the line up including House of Fraser and Marks and Spencer this show was a biggie!

Lots of brights on the catwalks again this year, from bold blocks of colours in outfits to pops of colour in accessories. One of my faves was this orange shift dress. I love the colour on other people but am yet to try this colour on myself in any form other than lipstick or a handbag. 

The Gallery Haircutters team did a great job on the hair again this year, with three different looks being loose untidy curls, sleek low ponytails and this one above which was a fusion of a beehive and a quiff. 

 More for the ladies

Photography by Simon Watson
Photography by Simon Watson

Photography by Riya Chohan

Photography by Riya Chohan
I love love love this ankle cuff from Fourth Avenue. I've seen many ankle bracelets before but never cuffs like this.

And for the chaps? Well I was happy to see plenty of smart tailoring. Red trousers sparked quite a flurry of YES vs NO opinions and I have to say I'm ..............not sure I'm a fan. Also making an appearance were head to toe florals, and whilst model Jake gave a wry smile as he stepped out, I think he was quite pleased with the whoops and applause of the crowd. Someone tweeted that he had "balls of steel" there were quite a few tweets about that floral tracksuit!

Photography by Riya Chohan
Photography by Riya Chohan

Photography by Riya Chohan
As if all those florals weren't enough of a show stealer, many of the men also had painted toenails, so it might not just be us ladies getting out feet sandal ready soon.

The evening was ended with a few glasses of wine and a classy 'in the loo' selfie, where I was tipsily reminded by my reflection that my hair was lilac. Sounds an odd thing, but it did take me by surprise! So here's the selfie in which I'm still unsure if I look amused or bemused....

You can read more about the show over on the NFW blog and see more images on the NFW facebook page.



  1. Ooooh, I love your new hair shade. You look gorgeous! What a fun way to vamp up your look for the night.


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