The Lust List

Not a reference to beautiful men, although Eddie Redmayne would definitely be included (just saying) but this is about gorgeous things I've been lusting after lately. Top of the list is a long lusted pair of Louboutin's...........

I question if I'd feel guilty wearing a £400 pair of shoes and I'm curious to know if they're just as uncomfy as any other pair of killer heels...... but they are soooo beautiful. I love the cut away to highlight the arch of the foot, such a classic shape that would look just as wonderful with an evening dress as it would with a pair of jeans and a blazer. Swooon indeed.

christianlouboutin.com £395

I never knew I *needed* a Jessica Rabbit style red sparkly dress until I saw this one on BrandAlley, only to click to select a size to find they only have size 10s left..........


But I love it! As always before checking the size availability I was visualising hair and makeup. Deep side parting, soft waves..........lashings of red lipstick. Who better to take styling advice from than Jessica herself?

BrandAlley £59.63

When it comes to Orla Kiely, I don't even know where to start, I've been following London Fashion Week on the various forms of social media and so many Kiely styles have made let out a little sigh. Such super classic cuts, timeless yet on trend. Not that I follow trends I just like what I like, and I like Orla Kiely's styles. A lot.

This has Mad Men written all over it. A pretty put simple hair up,something with a 60s vibe but very classic and chic, not too outlandish. A nice pair of black courts..... sigh, in my head I am totally wearing this dress right now!

orlakiely.com was £348 £174

Whilst I have a lot of hair, it's quite fine, and now that I'm bleached up, I've realised that the long flowing locks I had when I was brown/red, just isn't going to happen. My hair is now in the worst shape ever, but I love the blonde so that's a choice I have to make. 

Personally I'm not a fan of hair extensions, be they fake or human (and I'm certainly unsure how I feel about human hair extensions) but Annabelle's wigs have a good range of non human hair clip in half wigs that range in price, but towards the upper end you can buy ones which you use heated appliances on making them quite a versatile accessory.

Many celebrities we see with full swooshy locks have the help of clip in hair pieces. I'm really liking this one. Annabelle's also have a really useful tool to help you to colour match too.

Annabelle's wigs £70
I wrote about the wow factor of this dress over on norwichfashion.co.uk and the designer William Wilde does deserve a dedicated Missy Vintage post, but until then this is on  my lust list. My girl crush is Dannii and I have adored her for may years, but Kylie wooed me in this dress big time. I just adore it, but realistically I'm not going to look like Kylie in it .......so this one will probably stay a day dream BUT I'm getting a bit of a William Wilde fix in the form of an over sized latex neck bow. I pick it up next weekend. Watch.This.Space

Copyright: PA Image Joel Ryan/Invision.
 Source: digitalspy.co.uk
I can blame this next item on Lisa who blogs over on Snoodlebug, she posted this on her Facebook page and I've not been able to stop thinking about it. Pockets! I love skirts and dresses with pockets. I like teaming pencil skirts with t-shirts, it's a good look but I especially like this leather skirt and tshirt combo which adds a twist to a smart casual look.

ASOS £90

And finally clogs........ another item that I stumbled across on social media....Swedish Hasbeens... My style has evolved a lot over the last 12 months (probably best saved for another post!) I just adore this look. Have socks and sandals ever looked so good? It has a vintage/alternative/interesting look but in a more eclectic way than era driven fashion and right now that does sort of feel like the fashion path I've found myself on........

Visit Swedish Hasbeens
Picture source: Swedish Hasbeens Facebook page

What are you lusting after right now?



  1. omg now I'm lusting after those yellow sandal clogs too. They are flipping amazing!

  2. that Kylie Dress! How did I miss it was a Brit Designer! That's really good to know. I now have a new designer crush! His stuff is amazing, I just looked at the link. Bloody Nora, what a genius! I can't wear heels really so my lust list has several pairs of wedges on it, but love those yellow sandals, so they might make a nice change to the shoes collection....

  3. O to the M to the G..... this is a dangerous post! This is why it's a good idea I no longer have a credit card......

  4. Great post! I think you would love our selection of vintage clothing :)
    Becky x


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